Frugal Ramblings 2/28

>> February 28, 2010

Look at the goodies I got from my family today!!! My gramme always brings up a bag of goodies, usually my coke rewards and btfe. I also snagged a few coke flaps and albertsons monopoly pieces from my dad!

What else have I done in the past week??

  • I clicked through my MyPoints emails and surveys, for some easy "money". It is a very easy rewards program to participate in!

  • I did a few quick surveys for e-rewards for a little credit, this one seems harder to earn with for me, plus their rewards aren't as good... but they do offer a $15 borders bucks credit, which is nice, unfortunately you are limited to one borders reward per year. However, it is still a helpful reward to use for birthday/xmas gift.

  • I entered codes from my recent Nature's Bounty and Nature Made vitamin purchases on their respective rewards sites. I also requested another $7 Nature Made Q (they get mailed). You can print Nature's Bounty Qs, usually hitting the back button for up to 6 prints, but I only do it once a month (have to wait for it to reset).

  • I loaded up the current eQs on my grocery store cards, Cellfire, Shortcuts, etc. See links on right side of blog.

  • I also entered a few pampers and huggies rewards points on their respective rewards sites.

  • Of course I earned a few extra Swagbucks this week, with some promo codes they have been doing to promote Swagbucks 3.0. I also redeemed for another $5 gift card.

What do I need to do still....


I have been babying my laser printer all week.. it keeps telling me I have low toner and stops printing. So I pull out the toner cartridge and shake it... then put it back in. It then prints a few pages (totally fine, not even faded) before it freaks out on me again. It is getting quite annoying, but I don't want to "waste" any ink. I do have a new toner to use (I bought it back in December in anticipation of this..), but now I am thinking about the next one I need to buy.

Hopefully I can round up some extra EMPTY ink cartridges from family members to turn in for credit. You can do 10 a month. I plan on saving up until I have 10 and turn then turning them in at the same time. That way I get one big $30 reward to use towards my next toner cartridge.

Baby Diapers

I plan on buying 2 boxes of diapers this week at CVS this week with their sale. First I need to make a list of all the diapers I already have saved up for #2... (or 2 of 2 as my dad calls him).


Then I can decide what size makes the most sense to snag this week. I am so glad I managed to get 13 of the HUGE huggies wipes refill packs last week at CVS before the deal died. I am not set forever, but I have a great start for awhile.

Medical Reimbursement

I want to start submitting our medical reimbursement expenses once every month (or two) to keep it more regular and our budget on target. So I need to do that by early next week for all of our Jan & Feb expenses.

Budget Update

I need to update our spending for Feb and see how our plan worked. I am sure we will need to adjust the budget a bit and we will need to adjust our spending a bit more. :-)


Blog Reads 2/27

>> February 27, 2010

Here are some blog reads from this week I want to share...

Precious over at FrugalMakesCents had a great couple of posts to read this week. 1st one is A Tale of Two Families: The Nows and The Thinkers and it is continued here .

Plus she had a great post on how to save money on veggies here.

Speaking of food.. I did some crockpot chicken, with extra left to freeze this week. I found some good advice at Frugal Upstate about Freezing Cooked Chicken.

I personally love when blogs have their "fave" blogs listed on their site.. so I can browse them and find new deals or fun information. Another great way to find some new blogs is TheBlogBoat.

It's a new site that Swaggrabber started, if you have a blog, register and list it there. It has some nice search features, including a search by state, stores covered and blog type. So far I am the only AZ blog listed.. I am hoping to discover some more AZ blogs on it at some point. However, there are lots of NonAZ blogs listed that have fun posts to read too!


rock'n babies Visit!

>> February 26, 2010

So we stopped into rock'n babies yesterday and found this super cute jean jacket r Quinn. Only $5.50 and since I had sold some stuff there... I had trade credit on my account, so free for me! I have a few more things for sale in there.. hopefully I will get some more sales, so I get some more credit! Anyway, if you are a local you should definitely check them out. They have a cute little play area, that Quinn loves.. we had to DRAG him away to leave. Plus lots of nice, reasonable priced stuff including some bedding, decorative stuff, toys and diaper bags (in addition to tons of great clothes and shoes!)

We already have a super cute jean jacket, jean pant set for #2 that was Quinn's. Its a size 3-month, so it will need to be worn fairly quickly; plus my mom already bought the boys the Little Brother, Big Brother shirts from Carters that are super cute.

I hope to get a super fab family photo shoot by the summer time. I only need to find a great photographer, reasonably priced. I have 2 friends that ran into great deals.. one of them won a contest from a local photographer that included the sitting free + $100 in credit... then other one has a friend that started her own photography business within the past few years.. and shot them for free....

I want a super cool deal like them!!! Anyway... I will keep looking around, I am sure something reasonable will pop up!


Safeway & Walgreens Deals 4 Me!!!

I was up and getting ready early this morning for a nice treat... I had a prenatal massage at Gadabout... DH gave me a gift card for Christmas and I just got around to using it! It was a nice peaceful adventure.

Anyway, afterwards... I hit Target (found nothing...) Speaking of Target, I am SOOO bummed that I missed out on the double packs of Target (Up&UP) formula in their big bonus buys section. Everything was clearanced 50% this week...and I didn't realize formula was part of this deal. Bummer for me!

4 Milks $2.19 each - $0.55/1 IP (California milk)= $1.19 each
4 Honey Bunches of Oats $2 - $2 Blinkies (found by the milks)= free
Total $4.76 on a gift card...
Earned $3 OYNO (honey bunches of oats)

So a net cost of $1.76 for 4 gallons of milk and 4 cereals!! What a great deal!!! Oh and I finally used my reusable totes and totally forgot to ask for my $0.05 discount per bag.. ugh.. oh well.

I also stopped at Walgreens to spend a $3 RR that was expiring today
1 Excedrin $2.50- $2 IP = $0.50
5 Big single Tp $0.50 each (with ad q)
- $3 RR
Total $0.30 on a gift card, earned $2 RR (Excedrin)

Not a bad deal.. net cost of $1.30 for the 5 BIG rolls of TP!

I actually need to repeat this transaction one more time today.. I have one more $3 RR expiring today, but I couldn't find anymore of the Excedrin menstrual at the store (that is the kind that gives the $2 RR)


Swaggrabber $87 giveway!!

Swaggrabber is doing it again! Giving away $87 in credit!! Who wouldn't' love free diapers!! (Ok maybe not non-mommy's... but I am sure you could find someone who appreciate it!) So head over and enter by noon today (most likely EST time)!!

Swaggrabber Giveaway


Quick Notes: Happy Birthday Swagbucks!, Jennie-O $5 Rebate & Spring Training Groupon Offer!

>> February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Swagbucks!!
Swagbucks has updated their format and website online. Its still a free search service that allows you to earn $5 Amazon gift cards fairly easily. If you haven't joined yet, today would be a great day to get started... and start saving for Christmas or something else!!

Hurry and go sign up for a $5 rebate on any Jennie-O Product. Its limited to the 1st 25,000; so go register and print your rebate form!!

** As a side note... Albies has HoneySuckle 93% Lean Ground Turkey for $1 a pack.. (looks like 1lb packages) right now! I had to get a raincheck last night, as they only had the 85% left.

Today's Groupon Offer:
$22 for Two Baseline Spring Training Baseball Tickets at Camelback Ranch ($40 Value). Buy Here for White Sox vs. Dodgers on Friday, March 5, at 1 p.m. Click to see Additional Games and Prices!


Diaper Dilemma...

>> February 24, 2010

So I have a small diaper dilemma... actually its a where to buy in general dilemma that comes up... I have a hard time paying higher prices at CVS/Wags even when I have RR/ECB/Gift Card funds to blow there.. but at the same time.. I want to keep my OOP, REAL $ costs low. So when a good deal on something comes up at target or a grocery store.. I never know what to do.

My current dilemma
Box of Target Diapers $16.99 - $1.50 Target Q - $5 Recycle Bank MQ = $10.49 for 132 Diapers... (can only really get one this cheap... could do it again with a $2 MQ and $1.50 Target Q= $13.49 for another couple boxes.)
Which works out to 7.9 cents per diaper (or 10.2 cents for more boxes)

Next week... has their box diapers for $19.99 (only 70 diapers in size 5) with a $4 ECB, plus I received a $4 CRT huggies Q and and combine with my $5 MQ = which is a net cost of $6.99 (after I get the $5 ECB back), which is 10 cents a diaper..

The bigger catch is even without an ECB up front to roll.. I can use my CVS gift card, so $0 OOP cost for me. At Target.. I am definitely paying $10.49 + tax OOP for the 1st box.....

What to do??

Then.. another question is do I buy some size 5's for Quinn (which we aren't desperate for yet and I have plenty of size 6 for now in the Wags brand..) or stock up on a box (or more) for #2. I have been working on diapers, but its so hard to figure out how many diapers to stock up on. I wish I had kept better track with Quinn!!


Target and CVS Deals!

>> February 23, 2010

Yah for price matching at Target!!
Thanks to a reminder at PYP.. I managed to price match the $1.39 quaker sale from bashas at Target! Then of course less my $1 MQs= 5 boxes of Quaker Oatmeal Squares for $0.39 each!!!

I also picked up (6) of the gillette shampoo/body wash @1.99 each - $4/2 MQs (adjusted down to $3.98), so tax only... $0.97 for all 6.

Then I hit up CVS for more wipes of course.. I actually found a few more ECBS as I was organizing my papers/coupons this afternoon!
This store is smaller and only had 3 packs of the natural care (with 216 wipes).

1 Physicians Formula Bamboo compact $6.99- $4 Peelie = $2.99
3 Huggies Wipes $2.50 - $0.50 = $7 for all 3
4 valentines snickers $0.19 each (totally just a splurge.. and unnecessary!)
-$9 ECBS
Total $2.77 on a gift card.
Earned $5 (Physicians Formula) + will submit for the try me free rebate of $6.99!

Thanks to FrugalSuz for pointing out this rebate deal!!


CVS Huggies Wipes Deal!!!

The big bags of Huggies Wipes (that hold 3 refills) are ringing up $2.50 at CVS this week... (well at least as of today still).
I grabbed 8 packs (216 wipes each!) = $2.50 each
-$4/20 CVS Q (from recyclebank)
-$9 ECBS
- $6.50 in Huggies MQs
Total $1.42 on a gift card!!!

What a score! I totally wiped out my ECBS (between this week and last week), so I will figure out how much CVS $ I have left on gift cards.. and see if I should grab some more of these. Even without any CVS or MQs, its a great deal!! I could definitely use a huge stock of wipes now... I only have about 8 weeks left to go!!!

Also don't forget to scan your CVS card at the scanner for Qs.. some people are getting huggies wipes CRT or $5/15 or $4/20 Qs this week. I didn't (I did get a $4 off huggies box diapers, but no wipes Q), but you never know! That would make the deal even sweeter. I just wish I could snag some more MQs somehow.. I will double check, but I think I used all that I had!

Super HUGE thanks to Thrifty Puppy, for posting the huggies wipes deal at CVS!!!


Monday Errands: Target, Frys and 99 cent only...

My mom came over today to help me finish up the curtain project in the nursery/den, which turned out pretty well. Afterwards, we headed to Target so I could start a baby registry. The white tote is the goodie bag I received which had a few samples, of diapers, wipes, formula, + coupons and a $20 shutterfly credit!!

I am holding out hope that I can find the $20 target gift card baby registry coupon somehow.. either trading for it, or maybe the target gods will bless me and send ME one in the mail.

After a tutoring session and dinner.. we all headed out for some quick errands this evening...
We checked the 99 cent only store for "blue tape" for DH to take to work.. they didn't have any, but I did snag the 4-packs of dannon light yogurt for $1 each! $0.25 a yogurt isn't bad!

We also picked up a few thing at Frys
TWO (2) identical orders (prices reflect $0.30 discount for Daytona sale, which ends tomorrow)

8 gatorades $0.69
2 Purex $2.19- B1G1 MQ= $2.19 for both
1 Cottage Cheese $1
-$4 OYNO Q (I had already)
Total $0.87

Now the 2 bottles of Purex should have triggered another $4 OYNO Q, making my orders only $0.87 each= free Gatorade and purex and cheap cottage cheese... however, the catalina coupon company killed the purex promo in the last few days because of abuse (from what I am reading on coupon sites), their are rumours that people were clearing the shelves of detergent or possibly buying it and returning it after receiving the OYNO Q. A major bummer when deals get killed because of stupid people..

However, they will MAIL you the coupon you are owed.... basically when you are supposed to get an OYNO Q and it doesn't work right.. perhaps the stores computers are messed up or the catalina coupon machine is turned off/jammed... you can call and request your coupon, that is basically what I am going to do. It's not instant gratification, but in the end.. .I will get my (2) $4 OYNO Qs back! So my net cost for both orders will still be $0.87 each.


Catching up: Walgreens from Saturday...

I decided to spend some of my RR this weekend on some "decently" priced stuff...
4 Apple Juices $1.50 each
2 cases of water $2.99 each
1 4lb sugar 1.99
- $13.50 RR
Total $0.47 o n a gift card

I will blame my husband for the delay in this post... I needed help getting all this heavy stuff out of my car!! :-)


99 centstore + Bookmans!

>> February 22, 2010

The onions we thought we had for dinner last night, turned out to be bad.. so I had to run out again around 5pm yesterday to pick up a few more. I hit up the 99 cent only store and found the following

onions, 2lbs bannas, 3 4-packs of bagels, 2 sleep socks (target brand!) and 2 pakcs of turkey hot dogs = total $9.16 out of grocery budget!

I often buy bagels at the 99 cent store, they are only a 4-pack, but that translates to a $1.50 6-pack, which is way cheaper than the ones I can snag in the store normally, I am lucky to find them on sale for $2-$2.50!

The turkey dogs, bananas and onions are just a decent regular price, things we often pick up at the 99 cent store.

I was very excited to score the sleep socks for $0.99 each.. I wear them constantly in the winter and totally needed a few more pairs. These are from Target! I often find Target (circo or xilration brand) stuff at the 99 cent only store!

Speaking of Target...
I also stopped by Target to return my (75% off valentines stuff, see previous posts) + the 2 curtain rods I bought a few weeks ago, I found one at 75% off this past week, and we installed it yesterday, so I returned the 2 @ 50% I bought before... so a credit back of $21.xx!

Plus I snagged the spinning/light globe pictured from the valentines clearance for $0.49 (for Quinn next year)

Lastly I bopped into Bookmans to see what they had for computer speakers. We worked on the office/nursery again on Sunday and I am trying to simplify my office/desk area. I had a big set of speakers (boston acoustic) with a powered bass thingy hooked up and wanted to find a smaller simpler set that didn't need a power cord... and of course I didn't want to actually pay any OOP for it!! I lucked out.. found a brand new set of logitech ones, still plastic wrapped, usb powered for $10 at bookmans! So free for me with my bookmans credit!! They are much more discreet... not really as good as the other set for audiophiles.. but that isn't me.. they are perfect for me.. who often keeps the speakers muted anyway!! Peter just stashed the better/BIGGER set away, he might take them to work.

Read more... Giveaway at Swaggrabber

Run over to Swaggrabber real quick! She has $87 in credit to give away for!! I know this would come in very handy for me!! Giveaway ends today at noon (not sure what time zone).

Check it out here!!! OF course if you have no use for the credit.. you can always pass it on to a friend, wink wink!!!



Sunday Morning Safeway Run 2/21

Along with Target, I hit up Safeway to snag a few things we NEEDED for dinner and some decent deals as well...

5 Graham Crackers $2.50 - $1 Safeway Q- $0.75 MQ (not doubled, ugh) = $0.75 each
10 Right Guard Deodorants $1 - $2/2 IPs= free
3 Nature Made Vitamin E $7.49 each (- $7.49 for B1G1 sale) - (2) $7 MQ (from NatureMade Wellness Rewards) - $1 MQ = $0.02 overage for all 3
1 Nature Made Vitamin C $6.19 - $1 MQ - B1G1 Sale (bought 4 vitamins total, received 2 free) = $1 overage!
3 Bell Peppers $0.99 each
2.69 lbs grapes ($0.99/lb) = $2.66
2 Cake Mix $0.89 - $0.75 IP = free
1 Oreo Golden Variety $$3.49 - free Q (that scanned at $3.79??) = $0.30 overage
Hot Dog Buns $0.99
Fancy Sandwich Rolls $2.89
-$5/50 Q
Tax $1.22
Total $8.16 on a gift card!!

Not a bad run... I needed the bell peppers and fancy rolls for our dinner tonight (had family over for dinner). It looks like the freebie oreo Q attached to a graham cracker box, because the regular price of the graham crackers is $3.79... We are totally stocked up on deodorant for Peter for 2 years I imagine now.. I might even donate a few, I need to think about how often he grabs a new one out of the pantry!


Target Sunday: 90% valentines, 75% $ spot!

I enjoyed some retail therapy Sunday morning... hit up the Super Target and snagged some great Thomas deals... The Thomas 2 packs (pictured) are part of the Valentines Clearance, although there is nothing valentines about them. I totally scored 5 of them!! They are regularly $9.99, so I scored them for $0.99 each!!!!!

I plan on using one of each kind for Quinn's Easter "basket" and then save the other 3 for his b-day as party favors! What great favors, but super cheap!!

I also snagged the Kai Lan Valentine book at 90% off, which I will save for next year and a set of Paper Airplane Valentines for $0.29... we will just use those as a fun activity, Quinn has been wanting me to make paper airplanes for him lately.

This particular store had a TON of stuff in their dollar section marked down to 75% off! I snagged the cute lunch bags for $0.25 (for party favors) and 4 different Disney stickers to save for our next Disney trip... cheap fun stuff to pull out as a "souvenir" for Quinn.

I spent a total of $7.69
but returned some of the valentines stuff I bought at 75% off and received back $7.86!!

AND I turned one Thomas train set into 5!! The only thing I didn't "re buy" at 90% off was the Elmo book.

Later on Sunday (no pictured above), I also snagged a valentines spinning globe/light thingy for $0.49, I will set it aside with the Kai Lan book for Valentines day next year!! Not a bad haul!


Fabulous Saturday!!!

>> February 20, 2010

Well.. we had a fantastic Saturday!

1st off.. we spent a good couple of hours wasting away at my dad's house.... in the process of selling my grandma's truck.. as a favor for my dad.. however, he is throwing us a few bucks for doing this "favor" for him.. We had it listed on craigslist, Superbowl weekend with only a little interest, but we had limited time to "show" the vehicle. Then last weekend was valentines day, so we didn't do much. However, I started getting a few inquires from the OLD ad this week.. and I relisted it this morning.. and BAM multiple people emailing!

We sold it to the 1st guy who came out today! It's SOOOO Nice not having to worry about selling it anymore! Now we can pay off my dad the remaining $2500 we owe him for our new explorer...(he was generous enough to lend us a short term loan, so we didn't have to mess with banks or credit cards or anything). So i need to get my act together and do our taxes so we can finish paying him off, we always get at least 3k... so hopefully this year is no different!
Anyway, so we splurged and grabbed pizza for lunch to take back to my dad's while we waited on the guy to return with the money.

Anyway... later I ran out for some errands, including getting gas for the explorer (which I need to work on reducing!) and of course depositing my the cash from my grandma's truck.

I picked up my $80 Albertsons Gift Card.. from the pots/pans promo. They ran out of pots and pans and I got the call, letting me know to come into the store and pick up a gift card in the amount=retail value of the pan you were waiting for... so $80 for me!!!! Which is so awesome.. I didn't NEED the pan... but I will love stretching that $80 as far as I can!!!!

I also stopped into CVS to use the $5/15 CRT I got from the scanner the other day!


2 Kitchen Trash Bags (big boxes) B1G1 50% off... $7.49 and $3.74 each
2 Oust $3.99 each - B1G1 MQ= $3.99 for both!
$5/15 CVS Q
-$10 ECBS
Total $1.37 on a gift card!!
Earned $6 back for the Oust purchases!!

So a net cost of $5.37 for the 2 big boxes of kitchen trash bags.. These are my fave ones to snag, cause I usually get them when they are on sale and I can use a Q with them. I just wish CVS carried 45 gallon black bags, since we ended up getting a bigger can for outside....

I filled out all 3 $5 SCJohnson Rebates (3 per household) using 2 old glade receipts and 2 of my oust receipts. I am working hard on rebates this month.. seeing how well I can ad to our "extra" money funds!
Oh and of course the mail.. I received my free Sam's Club Freezer bag in the mail (nice freebie!!) + my Staples $26 rewards check from the duracell deal (FINALLY!!) and a trade!
How was your Saturday??


Blog Reads! 2/20

I find myself up in the middle of the night, almost every night.. and there is NADA on TV, even though the TV is on.... keeping me company as I read through junk on the Internet. I do like to find interesting blog reads to inspire me and thought I should try and share what I find!

Here are a couple I thought you might like..

3 Ways to Prepare for Christmas- @ the non consumer advocate

For CVS Newbies...
Learning the CVS Extra Care Buck (ECB) System a guest post by Frugal & Fabulous @ The Original Coupon Coach

3 under 5 minutes uncluttering activities @ theUnclutter


Target 75% off Valentines Day + a couple Savers Finds..

>> February 19, 2010

So... we actually got quite a few errands done this morning... not bad for a mommy without her own mommy helping with the kiddo :-)

1) Ultrasound appt... to double check size of babe, which is big, but no decision yet as I still have 7-8 weeks to go.

2) Mail a letter
3) Drive through bank atm
4) Target- Return, drop off Rx, stalk the store for deals (more about it later), picked up RX with $10 new RX Q from sales ad.
5) CVS
6) Albies

I actually accomplished everything I had wanted to on my list for errands!!

Anyway, so at Target valentines stuff went 75% off...
PJ Pants for me $1.75
Elmo Book $2.47
Kai Lan Book $1.57
Sticker pack $0.74
Thomas Train set $2.49
Red (and pink) glass tray $2.49 (for under our toaster to catch crumbs...)
3 Potholders (not valentines but also 75% off) $1.24.. green for us, possible 2 brown ones for dad's stocking stuffer for next xmas
Best FIND!!! Wow Wow Wubbzy DVD $2.49!! (This one didn't ring up 75% off, none of the valentines dvds did, but I asked since it was in the valentines 75% off section... yeah me!) Quinn just started watching wubzzy, and is big into it right now.. we got to watch this video 3 times today. :-)

I used the $10 gift card from the RX purchase... and another $9.xx cash from our grocery budget this week.. but I think I am gonna return the books and sticker set.. we really don't need them...

The thomas train thing I will save for Easter... nothing valentines day about them... although they are NOT the wood ones he has.. but die cast metal instead.. but he is big into hotwheels/matchbox too.. so he will still enjoy them.

We stopped at Savers tonight after dinner, I picked up a Thomas metal Lunch Box in perfect condition for $4.99, a little high for my taste given its a thrift store, but I find Savers to be on the higher end... plus a set of cabinet handle locks for 1/2 off the $2.99 price, so only $1.49....we will try and see if they will work on the fridge, since Quinn can now open it.

The lunch box is super cute and I will save it for Easter... as an Easter basket, for the thomas trains I bought at target and any other goodies I happen to have stashed away already.


CVS & Albertsons 2/19

1 Aussie Mousse $2.99- $1 MQ= $1.99
2 Crest Rinse $3.50 each - $2 MQs= $1.50 each
2 Oust Surface and Air Cleaners $3.99 each - B1G1 MQ= $3.99 for both
4 Diet Cokes $2.50 each (wyb 4)
2 Nature's Bounty Vitamin D $8.99 each (B1G1 Sale) - $2/10 CVS Q- (2) $5.00 IP = $3.01 overage
-$18 ECBS
Total $4.70 on a gift card (tax was $2.41!!)
Earned $6 (oust) + $2 (aussie) + $3 (NB) + $7 (crest) = $18 total ECBS!!

So I totally recycled my ECBS and only paid $4.70 for 4 cases of soda, and everything else was "free"! I had planned on getting the crest toothpaste, but we are low on mouth wash around here... this is an enamel rinse, but does have a fresh breathe aspect, so DH will just have to make do with this kind!

We bopped into albies for a free cookie and to visit BOB the builder...
Plus I redeemed my 2 freebie Qs for a JIF PB and McCormick Grinder, + 8 more game pieces.


Swaggrabber is giving away $5 Amazon Gift Cards Today!

Check out Swaggrabber for a chance to win one of two $5 amazon gift cards here!


Are you playing Albertson's Monopoly??

>> February 18, 2010

Have you won anything yet?? It just started last week and since you get extra game pieces for specific products, including their own milk.... I have snagged quite a few game pieces! (Milk was on sale for a decent price last week).. You get one game piece with each order automatically, then of course the extra ones depending upon what you buy...

I of course am playing the "board" game, which I never win, but I love getting the game pieces anyway. Plus each game piece has 2 bonus features, an "instant win" and an Internet code.
The instant wins are often just a store Q to apply.. which in my opinion aren't generally that exciting.Although I do save ALL of them in case there is some awesome store sale that would make the Qs worthwhile. However, you do sometimes actually win "something" with their instant win.
So far I have won (besides super exciting store Qs):
  • Pack of Trident Layers Gum
  • McCormick Grinder
  • Jar of Jif PB (not a bad win!)
  • Plus several Qs good for 2 extra game pieces.. which are fun, you just redeem them in store for more plays in the game!
The new part of the promotion (at least for me) is the Internet part. See that crazy code in the above picture.. in between you instant win prize (often just a lame store Q) and the actual game pieces? That code can be entered here... for more prize opportunities... it appears to be a separate game from the in store one.... (The prizes are different) With the online game, I have won maybe 7 or 8 times the Q for 2 additional Monopoly game pieces.. which is fun. You have to print the winning page and attach the winning code to it.. then just turn it in at the store for more game pieces!!
Anyway, I just wanted to specifically point out the Internet version of the game, because I think some people would easily overlook it!! And of course if you win big, you can share some of it with me since I helped you out!!!


Target 2/17

(sorry the picture is yucky.. I just opened up the curtains this morning and wasn't paying attention)..

So yesterday Quinn and I ran over to the food pantry place to drop off a few bags, I had to get them out of my dining room! Then off to Target.. which can be quite an adventure with Quinn. I am getting pretty tired during trips at this point, particularly if I am the only one with Quinn.. no help means lots of extra Quinn work. He did great though, we only spent about 10 minutes in the toy aisles playing.. I convinced him to carry a ball around with us while we were shopping, so that helped.

Anyway, Valentines were still only 50% off, but I snagged some Mini M&M's at $1.62 each.. since those are a good size for Quinn and potty training... not that I have really started that hard core yet, but its better than the $3 I paid a few weeks ago...

I was hoping to find my curtains at 75% off.. but I know I had cleaned one store out of them (5), the other store only had 1 last time I looked and then of course my 3rd store doesn't even have them clearanced.. weird!

I did snag a curtain rod big enough for the den/nursery at 75% off.. which works well since we hadn't installed the other ones yet... so that saves another $5 on that project. Now to get it installed with the curtains this weekend and then I can return the 2 rods I bought at 50% off!

And the $ section had some 50% off stuff, the only thing I snagged though were the cute lunch bags to use for Quinn's b-day favors or something like that... Quinn is super big into fire trucks and police cars, and such right now.. so they are perfect!

I had planned on stopping at CVS on the way home, but I just didn't have the energy, Quinn loves to play with the model cars there, and its never a quick trip in and out...

(I am not really complaining about it too much though because he only plays with them.... he doesn't insist on buying toys everywhere.. hopefully that training hold true!!)

Then I had to tutor after Quinn's nap and a quick dinner before our Dinosaur Adventure. We had a blast.. Quinn had lots of fun! What a fun prize to win!

Maybe I can do a couple quick trips tonight after daddy gets home... its so much easier to shop without the little guy!!


Great Qs to Print Right now....

>> February 17, 2010

Here are a few Qs I have been printing lately... (don't forget to hit the back button to print twice for more Qs).


Happy Presidents Day!

Wow TWO back-to-back IMPORTANT Holidays!

So.. the great thing about President's Day is that Peter actually gets it off from work, sort of a random extra 3-day weekend, that is always unexpected and a nice treat. Lucky for me he was off because we took a family trip across town.. WAY across town to the east side (almost to New Mexico)... to pick up our Dinosaur Tickets!!! The tickets came with a fun pack of goodies including 2 t-shirts, 2 activity/sticker books, 2 helium balloons and a backpack..

While we were out that way, we ended up at Little Anthony's Diner for Lunch... it was a bargain at $18 for the 3 of us.. they have a Recession Buster special right now.. a burger (or cheeseburger), fries, soda and a small sundae for $6! Plus all the fun of a 50's diner. It was fairly quiet over there, so that was nice... We ordered the same small sundae for Quinn, which I shared with him.. (I had grilled cheese, so my meal was the most expensive of the bunch!). We used the 10% coupon from the website and an old gift card I had sitting in our gift card binder... so the only cost was $5 for tip (from our grocery budget)...

It's too bad that it's so far across town... we enjoyed our lunch and have money still left on our gift card, I guess we will eat there again next time we MUST drive across town!

Afterwards, we stopped at the Park Mall. I hit up the BBW sale while Quinn and Daddy played in their play area. I had been waiting for the B3G3 sale to stock up on Bubble Bath. I had (2) $10/30 Receipt Qs to use, plus they let me use the spend $10 and get a free signature product (I grabbed another bubble bath). So I really got a B3 G4 free sale, less my $10 Qs!! I spent $28.11 on 2 orders.. so about $4 each with tax for their $13 bubble bath.... One order is for me (using some xmas money) and the other an upcoming gift.. using merchandise credits I had, plus another $4 cash from the leftover grocery budget. (I haven't budgeted for gift yet... hoping to avoid that for awhile, but getting really creative with our existing budget!). So again.. can anyone how excited I am for my deal?? Yeah me!! I had hoped to snag some bubble bath deals during their big Jan. sale but I never found any actual bubble bath on sale... so I had to bide my time for a regular sale!

The only bummer.. the store was cleaned out of bubble bath, literally only had 3-4 scents left, no fruity ones... so I will have to go back to my local store and exchange out for scents I prefer in the next week or so.. I will wait until they have restocked after their big President's day sale!


Happy Valentines Day!

The only way I want to make cookies with a toddler.... So easy and HE can help with everything...

The fun part... we used quite a bit of sprinkles in this process, but he really enjoyed it!!!
Other than making some cookies Saturday night, we kept Valentines day fairly low key. A few goodies the next day, but a nice quiet day with the boys.
We did pick up a $5 foot long subway for dinner to split (we never go out to a crazy, busy, over priced place on valentines day anymore...) while we were out to pick up the last of my 3 free bags of purina dog food... 18 lbs of dog food for $2.90 can't be beat! Plus we used a gift card for the subway sandwich, so a frugal, low key day for sure!



Hi everyone, working to get caught up on the last few days... :-)


Frugal Ramblings 2/13

>> February 13, 2010

So I am sitting here... watching some ridiculous movie with DH and thinking about what I was able to do this week.... Sort of a mental check list of saving/earning money and frugal things to help me feel like I have accomplished something...

  • I started an online survey/opinion thingy for $75 gift card through a special study I was offered. It has to do with a former job and is very specific, there is no way to share this particular thing with anyone... It will take some time overall but I think the $75 is well worth it!
  • I entered 5 coke rewards codes tonight in both my and DH mycokerewards accounts.. they are offering a special Olympic promo where you earn a bonus 5 points per cap/flap if certain athletes metal on certain days... and the Apollo guy today was one of them....
  • I accepted an extra 2 hour tutor session for tomorrow (not something I normally do on weekends), but at $30 an hour.. its definitely worth the accommodation for my fave math student.
  • We splurged on takeout last night for dinner from olive garden, using a gift card from xmas and the $4/2 Q, I paid only a nickel (to round out the tip for the takeout girl).
  • I organized my pantry today while Peter was out with Quinn (a car wash, visiting with grandparents event), which allowed me to toss a few things that had expired (bummer!) and pull out a few things to donate. Plus I know better where I am at on some stockpile items.
  • Filled out a couple more rebates to mail out on Tuesday (monday is a holiday)...
  • Received a $5 Huggies Q and $4/20 CVS Q from RecycleBank today.
  • I planned a couple cvs runs for tomorrow's ad.
  • I researched some additional mystery shopping companies...I would like to find some new good, worthwhile shops to do for extra funds.
  • Of course we won the dinosaur contest (see previous post), so that will be an extra special event for next week!
  • I started shopping around for auto/home insurance, but haven't found anything better yet. I started my search through mypoints.. because I had an offer that if I could change as a result of their search.. I would get 5000 points! That would be nice.. but so far its a no go.

Ok.. now I am truly tired and can't think of anything else to share right now...

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