36 lbs of dog food for TAX only!!!

>> February 08, 2010

Ok. Thanks to Teresa and Aimee at PYP, I collected another 6 Qs for free pro plan dog food... each for 6 lb bags. Two catches, they can only be redeemed at Petsmart and they expire next sunday (super quick)...

Totally free up to $13.99, although they are only $11.99 at my Petsmart... anyway, I only have to pay the tax.. which worked out to $5.83... not bad considering that is only worth 10 lbs of dog food at costco (figure $0.50/lb for the kirkland dog food there), so I got 2 1/2 times more dog food for the price!!

I keep hoping I can find a few more to trade for... although we are running out of space to store dog food, normally we just buy 1 big bag when we get super low and refill our dog food plastic bin thingy. The first batch of super cheap/free pro plan filled up our bin, so these bags got stashed in the closet around the bin.

I am loving the cheap dog food, totally helping me on a budget buster and we are trying to be SUPER tight... so this is perfect timing for us!


Precious February 9, 2010 at 6:44 AM  

What a stash. That should keep your doggie happy for a very long time.

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