99 centstore + Bookmans!

>> February 22, 2010

The onions we thought we had for dinner last night, turned out to be bad.. so I had to run out again around 5pm yesterday to pick up a few more. I hit up the 99 cent only store and found the following

onions, 2lbs bannas, 3 4-packs of bagels, 2 sleep socks (target brand!) and 2 pakcs of turkey hot dogs = total $9.16 out of grocery budget!

I often buy bagels at the 99 cent store, they are only a 4-pack, but that translates to a $1.50 6-pack, which is way cheaper than the ones I can snag in the store normally, I am lucky to find them on sale for $2-$2.50!

The turkey dogs, bananas and onions are just a decent regular price, things we often pick up at the 99 cent store.

I was very excited to score the sleep socks for $0.99 each.. I wear them constantly in the winter and totally needed a few more pairs. These are from Target! I often find Target (circo or xilration brand) stuff at the 99 cent only store!

Speaking of Target...
I also stopped by Target to return my (75% off valentines stuff, see previous posts) + the 2 curtain rods I bought a few weeks ago, I found one at 75% off this past week, and we installed it yesterday, so I returned the 2 @ 50% I bought before... so a credit back of $21.xx!

Plus I snagged the spinning/light globe pictured from the valentines clearance for $0.49 (for Quinn next year)

Lastly I bopped into Bookmans to see what they had for computer speakers. We worked on the office/nursery again on Sunday and I am trying to simplify my office/desk area. I had a big set of speakers (boston acoustic) with a powered bass thingy hooked up and wanted to find a smaller simpler set that didn't need a power cord... and of course I didn't want to actually pay any OOP for it!! I lucked out.. found a brand new set of logitech ones, still plastic wrapped, usb powered for $10 at bookmans! So free for me with my bookmans credit!! They are much more discreet... not really as good as the other set for audiophiles.. but that isn't me.. they are perfect for me.. who often keeps the speakers muted anyway!! Peter just stashed the better/BIGGER set away, he might take them to work.


Precious February 22, 2010 at 10:11 AM  

I really MISS the 99 Cent store and Bookmans! There is nothing like those here.

Milloy Family February 22, 2010 at 12:02 PM  

I'm heading out in the rain to Bookman's today. I would have never known about that great store without your blog. Thanks! I have 2 bags full of books and magazines, so I will report back. I'm hoping to get enough credit for the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy DVD set or maybe some Disney DVDs (Bug's Life, Toy Story, etc) to add to our growing collection. Good work! You are an inspiration!

kc February 22, 2010 at 2:59 PM  

Hi Precious! I would miss them too, there are definitely good bargain days at both places! Luckily they are both close by, so I can bop in and check often!

kc February 22, 2010 at 3:01 PM  

Hi Milloy Family!

I hope you get lots of great credit and find what you need. I think phoenix only has the one location in Mesa, so hopefully it isn't too far for you. I find that going every 2-3 weeks works best for keeping the magazines fresh (if trading them in) and they will accept more for trade. Also its nice to bop in the see what fun stuff they have when you get a chance or use the credit for stuff you "need" when it comes up!

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