CVS Huggies Wipes Deal!!!

>> February 23, 2010

The big bags of Huggies Wipes (that hold 3 refills) are ringing up $2.50 at CVS this week... (well at least as of today still).
I grabbed 8 packs (216 wipes each!) = $2.50 each
-$4/20 CVS Q (from recyclebank)
-$9 ECBS
- $6.50 in Huggies MQs
Total $1.42 on a gift card!!!

What a score! I totally wiped out my ECBS (between this week and last week), so I will figure out how much CVS $ I have left on gift cards.. and see if I should grab some more of these. Even without any CVS or MQs, its a great deal!! I could definitely use a huge stock of wipes now... I only have about 8 weeks left to go!!!

Also don't forget to scan your CVS card at the scanner for Qs.. some people are getting huggies wipes CRT or $5/15 or $4/20 Qs this week. I didn't (I did get a $4 off huggies box diapers, but no wipes Q), but you never know! That would make the deal even sweeter. I just wish I could snag some more MQs somehow.. I will double check, but I think I used all that I had!

Super HUGE thanks to Thrifty Puppy, for posting the huggies wipes deal at CVS!!!


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