Diaper Dilemma...

>> February 24, 2010

So I have a small diaper dilemma... actually its a where to buy in general dilemma that comes up... I have a hard time paying higher prices at CVS/Wags even when I have RR/ECB/Gift Card funds to blow there.. but at the same time.. I want to keep my OOP, REAL $ costs low. So when a good deal on something comes up at target or a grocery store.. I never know what to do.

My current dilemma
Box of Target Diapers $16.99 - $1.50 Target Q - $5 Recycle Bank MQ = $10.49 for 132 Diapers... (can only really get one this cheap... could do it again with a $2 MQ and $1.50 Target Q= $13.49 for another couple boxes.)
Which works out to 7.9 cents per diaper (or 10.2 cents for more boxes)

Next week... has their box diapers for $19.99 (only 70 diapers in size 5) with a $4 ECB, plus I received a $4 CRT huggies Q and and combine with my $5 MQ = which is a net cost of $6.99 (after I get the $5 ECB back), which is 10 cents a diaper..

The bigger catch is even without an ECB up front to roll.. I can use my CVS gift card, so $0 OOP cost for me. At Target.. I am definitely paying $10.49 + tax OOP for the 1st box.....

What to do??

Then.. another question is do I buy some size 5's for Quinn (which we aren't desperate for yet and I have plenty of size 6 for now in the Wags brand..) or stock up on a box (or more) for #2. I have been working on diapers, but its so hard to figure out how many diapers to stock up on. I wish I had kept better track with Quinn!!


Heather February 24, 2010 at 7:14 AM  

My friend stocked up on Wags brand diapers for her son while she was pregnant, and got waaay too many of one size and ended up exchanging them for different sizes as she needed them - so there's always that option, you don't have to worry about "overstocking" a particular size for the newborn! (not sure if other stores do this)

And that's about as much diaper advice as I can give! Lol!


Precious February 24, 2010 at 7:37 AM  


I don't know much about cost of diapers but from what I have read the 7.9 cents a diaper seems really reasonable for the one box.

However I would be tempted to get them Free with the CVS GC on the deal next week since it is no OOP cost.

Milloy Family February 24, 2010 at 8:32 AM  

KC- I have had this same debate in my head many times, but CVS or Wags always wins because I don't pay anything OOP. In my head, it's like its free. And I agree with Heather, I have never had a problem exchanging diapers for a different size. I do this all the time with awesome diaper deals. I jsut buy whatever sizes they have and then exchange them for size 4s whenever they restock. Oh, the joys of motherhood and couponing! :)

Born2Save February 24, 2010 at 10:38 PM  

LOL...oh the dilemmas us moms go through! Like Heather said, you can exchange for different sizes (I've even taken back Kroger brand diapers that we HATED and got full cash value for!). I would definitely go with CVS/WG's though since you aren't paying anything OOP. And think about it, you can always transfer a script there for another gift card or find some other deal to restock your EBs, but the OOP you would spend at Target has to come out of your budget. Also, if your CVS is like mine, they take expired $5/$20 that would sweeten the deal even further!

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