Disastrous Wags Run...but I worked it out...

>> February 01, 2010

So what you see in the picture is what I have left... after making a return of Bic Soilel Razors, from my Saturday run..

I was hoping to get free razors, but the cashier wasn't interesting in doing both MQs and Store Qs and it was a mess. So what you see is what I kept.. and my total below is after my return... what a headache!

1 Huggies Diapers $8.99- $3 MQ $5.99
7 Huggies Wipes $2.50 each - $1 MQ- $0.75 MQs (2) - $0.50 MQs (4) - $7 (Wag Q, $1 for each package) = Total $6 for all 7
2 snickers minis $0.39 each (fillers)
2 Hershey's Dark Bars $0.99 for both with store Q- $0.49 MQ= $0.50 for both. Bought these to send away for this rebate!
- $14 RR (which some were expiring.. partly why I did the huggies deal..)
Total ended up being negative a few pennies... (after my razor return)..because the RR went towards the tax.. .the razor return was crazy, what a mess.. but its done with..

Earned $5 RR (for Huggies Deal)

So, the huggies deal was ok, I had hoped to find 10 huggies wipes to get the $5 rewards with Qs.. but I checked several stores and 7 was the most I found anywhere, so I had to throw in a pack of diapers to hit $25 to earn the $5 RR. So this deal cost me $9 in RR for 1 pack of diapers and 7 wipes.. not bad, considering free wags money and some of it was expiring soon.


Precious February 1, 2010 at 9:54 AM  

Great shopping! Can you tell me KC wehre you got the Walgreens $1.00 Q? Also heads up this week, the Contout Meters are on sale for $14.99 again- use the $30. Q and you get a $10. RR

kc February 1, 2010 at 10:02 AM  

Hi Precious,

Its a store flyer.. there might be pdfs online somewhere of it, but my mom found the pink flyers in one of our stores, a full 8X10 sheet double sided with Wags Qs on them. Not all stores had them and actually this store thought I had copied them and didn't want to take them, even though I did have the original, that and they thought the other store might have Copied the coupons from their book and made their own flyer. I love how wags has no clue about their own deals. Anyway, my picked up a few for me, so if you check your stores and don't see them.. let me know and I will send you the full sheet (might better to walk in with it then the coupon already cut out...)

Oh and I did get some meters yesterday.. trying to catch up on stuff today with posts.. hopefully will get it up soon, I still have a few more Qs to use, hopefully I can use them all this week! Thanks for the heads up though!

Precious February 1, 2010 at 10:22 AM  

Hi KC,

I have checked my 2 stores and they don't have them. If you could spare a sheet, I would be most grateful. LMK if there is anything you need. You have my e-mail. :-)

Renee Richins February 1, 2010 at 3:03 PM  

I did this exact same deal and the RR did not print out, but I did find two other Walgreens that were fully stocked with wipes and got 20 tubs plus 2 $5RRs. I'll give catalina a call. They are pretty good at mailing out the rewards quickly. Did you use the $1 MQ from the Safeway booklet? I had problems with those and heard at least 30 beeps while trying to buy my wipes. :) Oh well, they eventually took them after deciding I wasn't trying to do anything illegal.

kc February 1, 2010 at 4:28 PM  

Hi Precious,
I will send you an email later. :-)

Hi renee... I only had one of those illustrious safeway huggies wipes Qs. I didn't even know where it was from, (came in a trade) and am so jealous that I could have done so much better if I had them. I see they don't expire until the end of the month. so hopefully another smoking deal comes up and I can find some at my Safeway!!
(and yes my one $1 q beeped too)!

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