Frugal Ramblings 2/28

>> February 28, 2010

Look at the goodies I got from my family today!!! My gramme always brings up a bag of goodies, usually my coke rewards and btfe. I also snagged a few coke flaps and albertsons monopoly pieces from my dad!

What else have I done in the past week??

  • I clicked through my MyPoints emails and surveys, for some easy "money". It is a very easy rewards program to participate in!

  • I did a few quick surveys for e-rewards for a little credit, this one seems harder to earn with for me, plus their rewards aren't as good... but they do offer a $15 borders bucks credit, which is nice, unfortunately you are limited to one borders reward per year. However, it is still a helpful reward to use for birthday/xmas gift.

  • I entered codes from my recent Nature's Bounty and Nature Made vitamin purchases on their respective rewards sites. I also requested another $7 Nature Made Q (they get mailed). You can print Nature's Bounty Qs, usually hitting the back button for up to 6 prints, but I only do it once a month (have to wait for it to reset).

  • I loaded up the current eQs on my grocery store cards, Cellfire, Shortcuts, etc. See links on right side of blog.

  • I also entered a few pampers and huggies rewards points on their respective rewards sites.

  • Of course I earned a few extra Swagbucks this week, with some promo codes they have been doing to promote Swagbucks 3.0. I also redeemed for another $5 gift card.

What do I need to do still....


I have been babying my laser printer all week.. it keeps telling me I have low toner and stops printing. So I pull out the toner cartridge and shake it... then put it back in. It then prints a few pages (totally fine, not even faded) before it freaks out on me again. It is getting quite annoying, but I don't want to "waste" any ink. I do have a new toner to use (I bought it back in December in anticipation of this..), but now I am thinking about the next one I need to buy.

Hopefully I can round up some extra EMPTY ink cartridges from family members to turn in for credit. You can do 10 a month. I plan on saving up until I have 10 and turn then turning them in at the same time. That way I get one big $30 reward to use towards my next toner cartridge.

Baby Diapers

I plan on buying 2 boxes of diapers this week at CVS this week with their sale. First I need to make a list of all the diapers I already have saved up for #2... (or 2 of 2 as my dad calls him).


Then I can decide what size makes the most sense to snag this week. I am so glad I managed to get 13 of the HUGE huggies wipes refill packs last week at CVS before the deal died. I am not set forever, but I have a great start for awhile.

Medical Reimbursement

I want to start submitting our medical reimbursement expenses once every month (or two) to keep it more regular and our budget on target. So I need to do that by early next week for all of our Jan & Feb expenses.

Budget Update

I need to update our spending for Feb and see how our plan worked. I am sure we will need to adjust the budget a bit and we will need to adjust our spending a bit more. :-)


Eevi March 1, 2010 at 8:18 PM  

I cant remember where in AZ you are. If you happen to be in Tucson, do you know of a walgreens store that would accept expired register rewards? My hubby was supposed to use one on friday while I was out of town and he forgot. I would love to get to use the six dollar RR.

kc March 1, 2010 at 8:48 PM  

What a bummer! I am in Tucson, but I don't know of a store that will consistently take them.. and to be honest, I don't know if they will just "scan" now anyway. Because.. I think they might be month coded.. meaning one expiring anytime in Feb, would technically scan until the last day in Feb.. but since today is March 1st.. I am not sure your RR will scan anymore. You can always just give it a shot though.

I hate when they expire on me!

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