Frugal Ramblings- Super Bowl Edition

>> February 07, 2010

Well, I am finishing up my frugal rambling thoughts for the past week... while watching the super bowl.

  • First off check out my new crockpot... only cost me $10! It's actually a replacement one from costco, because the plastic handle for the glass lid snapped off. We tried to superglue it back on.. and that FAILED miserably! So I returned it to Costco, a straight across trade would have been nice, although this IS a different model, so it ended up being exactly $10 more with the return credit. I am just happy to have a crockpot back with a usable lid, plus this one is slightly larger which is nice. Also I checked into buying a new lid, but crockpot didn't even offer a replacement lid for our model, and I am sure even if they did it would cost at least $10 + shipping anyway....

  • I only spent $31 of my $40 budget on groceries this week and that includes about ~$17 cash OOP for veggies (brats), ice and chicken for the superbowl party. Luckily I was able to snag buns, beer and another pack of brats at safeway with my gift card funds, so NO $OOP cost. Oh and pringles at CVS! Plus we already had diet soda, BBQ sauce, some chips/dip, turkey sausage, etc on hand already. Our party was sort of potlucky, so people also brought over.... Plus I added the $6 in cash I got back from safeway from the overcharge on the beer, which left me with $15 extra to roll into next week's budget.. but as you see above I spend $10 on the crockpot, and I am taking the $10 out of that. So I have $5 to add to next week's $40 budget!

  • I finished up filling out my Coors $15 rebates (and for my parents), and will be mailing them tomorrow so those funds (when received) will go to our Bonus/household funds to buy extra stuff not in the budget.

  • I ordered 2 more $5 amazon gift cards this week from swagbucks! Which is perfect timing.. because I actually need to buy a b-day gift this week... which along with the other gift cards I have will wipe me out again... I need to get "swag searching" again!!

  • I dropped off some Quinnie stuff to consign at RocknBabies this week, hopefully it will sell quick, so we have some credit over there. It's a super cute store!

  • I finally snagged the blackout curtains and a couple curtain rods at Target this week for 50% off. I have been stalking these for Quinn and #2's room for a few weeks. I plan on returning the 2nd curtain rod (Quinn already has one) once we decide which one is best for the baby room and then keeping my fingers crossed that I can get away with a total of 3 curtains between the 2 rooms, vs. 5, so I can return 2 of them to the store!

  • I snagged some super cheap dog food last sunday and and thanks to Teresea and Aimee @ PYP for a few extra Qs, I will snag a few more this week, these coupons were EXTREMELY short dated as they expire next sunday.

  • Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a $50 Fiber One/Safeway Gift card provided via MyBlogSpark!

That is all for now.. at least that I can think of.. we have some yummy chicken leftovers among other things for this week which is nice and Quinn had lots of fun hanging out with everyone!


Precious February 8, 2010 at 3:55 PM  

You did really wel with your budget considering you hosted a Super Bowl Party. Congrats!

Heather February 8, 2010 at 4:40 PM  

Hi KC! Thanks for voting for my friend! I hope you find a good deal on a photo session for your little one in Tucson :)

I just wanted to pass on a great deal I found on organic baby detergent at ToysRus - I'm not sure how long the sale is...but 99cents is a killer deal! (if you can get the coupon from Parenting Magazine - from Bookman's perhaps? If not, 1.99 isn't too shabby either!)


kc February 8, 2010 at 10:20 PM  

Thanks Precious,
We did have everyone bring a little something, but overall we planned our menu well for budgeting. Plus we have a ton of the BBQ shredded chicken left... so several dinner/lunches this week for us and I plan on freezing some tomorrow, to eat in a few weeks, once we are no longer sick of it... its pretty yummy!

Hi Heather,
Thanks for the heads up on the detergent deal!! I hope your friend wins!!

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