Great Day Today!!!

>> February 12, 2010

So of course I had twice as many things planned for the 2 hours we had this morning to run errands, than I actually got accomplished, but even though we lacked in the quantity of successes we made up for it in the QUALITY of successes!!

1st score!
See that nifty pink Fossil Wallet in the picture? I snagged that today, in an exchange at the Fossil store. DH bought me a snazzy, silver one for xmas, but the "color" on the leather was already rubbing off. I guess leather wallets aren't meant to be silver. I had been debating what to do about it, because he bought it online and to return/exchange online you have to pay for shipping. UGH! There was no policy on's website nor was an option given to me when I contacted them with regards to returning the wallet in store. I thought I would take my case to the local store and see what they had to say. They had NO PROBLEMS doing a courtesy return with my online order receipt. I don't think its a normal official route to go, but it never hurts to ask. They explained I couldn't get the credit back on my credit card, but they would issue me a gift card to use in store. Of course I immediately started picking out my replacement.. and ended up with this beauty! It is fun and had all the necessary, zipper, pouches and pockets. Yeah! It did cost me $2 + tax because of the difference in price, but I gladly paid that rather than mess with an online return and paying to ship that back!!!

I am so much happy with fossil now!

2nd Score!
My mom and I also each picked up a $10 gift card good for the mall today for being club members. If you are local and aren't a member yet, be sure to sign up! I think this is my 4th or 5th free gift card in the past year, some have been ones that I could forward on for new sign ups and others like this one were only for existing members. Sign up here!

We also had Quinn's feet measured at Stride Rite to double check he was in the right shoes and he had fun playing in the play are for awhile...

I also hit up albies for their $1.88 milk, plus each milk gives a bonus Monopoly game piece.... how fun!

3rd score!
I was able to use my $5 E-gift card from the BabiesRUs promotion today (4 of them for various family members) in conjunction with the $5/25 BRU Q good this weekend for a free changing pad for our changing table... yeah I am an idiot and got rid of Quinn's.... but to be honest I only had so much space for storage.. and I thought a fresh new one would be nice! :-)
Changing Pad $22.99
Wipes $2.99
-$5/25 Q
-$20 E gift cards
Total $2.68 OOP
I only wish I had a baby wipe coupon with me at the time.. duh.. but they had a similar changing bad for $25.99, which also worked to meet my $25 purchase requirement... however I was smart and went with the $3 cheaper one so that I could grab a box of wipes instead!!!


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