Happy Presidents Day!

>> February 17, 2010

Wow TWO back-to-back IMPORTANT Holidays!

So.. the great thing about President's Day is that Peter actually gets it off from work, sort of a random extra 3-day weekend, that is always unexpected and a nice treat. Lucky for me he was off because we took a family trip across town.. WAY across town to the east side (almost to New Mexico)... to pick up our Dinosaur Tickets!!! The tickets came with a fun pack of goodies including 2 t-shirts, 2 activity/sticker books, 2 helium balloons and a backpack..

While we were out that way, we ended up at Little Anthony's Diner for Lunch... it was a bargain at $18 for the 3 of us.. they have a Recession Buster special right now.. a burger (or cheeseburger), fries, soda and a small sundae for $6! Plus all the fun of a 50's diner. It was fairly quiet over there, so that was nice... We ordered the same small sundae for Quinn, which I shared with him.. (I had grilled cheese, so my meal was the most expensive of the bunch!). We used the 10% coupon from the website and an old gift card I had sitting in our gift card binder... so the only cost was $5 for tip (from our grocery budget)...

It's too bad that it's so far across town... we enjoyed our lunch and have money still left on our gift card, I guess we will eat there again next time we MUST drive across town!

Afterwards, we stopped at the Park Mall. I hit up the BBW sale while Quinn and Daddy played in their play area. I had been waiting for the B3G3 sale to stock up on Bubble Bath. I had (2) $10/30 Receipt Qs to use, plus they let me use the spend $10 and get a free signature product (I grabbed another bubble bath). So I really got a B3 G4 free sale, less my $10 Qs!! I spent $28.11 on 2 orders.. so about $4 each with tax for their $13 bubble bath.... One order is for me (using some xmas money) and the other an upcoming gift.. using merchandise credits I had, plus another $4 cash from the leftover grocery budget. (I haven't budgeted for gift yet... hoping to avoid that for awhile, but getting really creative with our existing budget!). So again.. can anyone how excited I am for my deal?? Yeah me!! I had hoped to snag some bubble bath deals during their big Jan. sale but I never found any actual bubble bath on sale... so I had to bide my time for a regular sale!

The only bummer.. the store was cleaned out of bubble bath, literally only had 3-4 scents left, no fruity ones... so I will have to go back to my local store and exchange out for scents I prefer in the next week or so.. I will wait until they have restocked after their big President's day sale!


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