Happy Valentines Day!

>> February 17, 2010

The only way I want to make cookies with a toddler.... So easy and HE can help with everything...

The fun part... we used quite a bit of sprinkles in this process, but he really enjoyed it!!!
Other than making some cookies Saturday night, we kept Valentines day fairly low key. A few goodies the next day, but a nice quiet day with the boys.
We did pick up a $5 foot long subway for dinner to split (we never go out to a crazy, busy, over priced place on valentines day anymore...) while we were out to pick up the last of my 3 free bags of purina dog food... 18 lbs of dog food for $2.90 can't be beat! Plus we used a gift card for the subway sandwich, so a frugal, low key day for sure!


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