Monday Errands: Target, Frys and 99 cent only...

>> February 23, 2010

My mom came over today to help me finish up the curtain project in the nursery/den, which turned out pretty well. Afterwards, we headed to Target so I could start a baby registry. The white tote is the goodie bag I received which had a few samples, of diapers, wipes, formula, + coupons and a $20 shutterfly credit!!

I am holding out hope that I can find the $20 target gift card baby registry coupon somehow.. either trading for it, or maybe the target gods will bless me and send ME one in the mail.

After a tutoring session and dinner.. we all headed out for some quick errands this evening...
We checked the 99 cent only store for "blue tape" for DH to take to work.. they didn't have any, but I did snag the 4-packs of dannon light yogurt for $1 each! $0.25 a yogurt isn't bad!

We also picked up a few thing at Frys
TWO (2) identical orders (prices reflect $0.30 discount for Daytona sale, which ends tomorrow)

8 gatorades $0.69
2 Purex $2.19- B1G1 MQ= $2.19 for both
1 Cottage Cheese $1
-$4 OYNO Q (I had already)
Total $0.87

Now the 2 bottles of Purex should have triggered another $4 OYNO Q, making my orders only $0.87 each= free Gatorade and purex and cheap cottage cheese... however, the catalina coupon company killed the purex promo in the last few days because of abuse (from what I am reading on coupon sites), their are rumours that people were clearing the shelves of detergent or possibly buying it and returning it after receiving the OYNO Q. A major bummer when deals get killed because of stupid people..

However, they will MAIL you the coupon you are owed.... basically when you are supposed to get an OYNO Q and it doesn't work right.. perhaps the stores computers are messed up or the catalina coupon machine is turned off/jammed... you can call and request your coupon, that is basically what I am going to do. It's not instant gratification, but in the end.. .I will get my (2) $4 OYNO Qs back! So my net cost for both orders will still be $0.87 each.


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