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>> February 26, 2010

So we stopped into rock'n babies yesterday and found this super cute jean jacket r Quinn. Only $5.50 and since I had sold some stuff there... I had trade credit on my account, so free for me! I have a few more things for sale in there.. hopefully I will get some more sales, so I get some more credit! Anyway, if you are a local you should definitely check them out. They have a cute little play area, that Quinn loves.. we had to DRAG him away to leave. Plus lots of nice, reasonable priced stuff including some bedding, decorative stuff, toys and diaper bags (in addition to tons of great clothes and shoes!)

We already have a super cute jean jacket, jean pant set for #2 that was Quinn's. Its a size 3-month, so it will need to be worn fairly quickly; plus my mom already bought the boys the Little Brother, Big Brother shirts from Carters that are super cute.

I hope to get a super fab family photo shoot by the summer time. I only need to find a great photographer, reasonably priced. I have 2 friends that ran into great deals.. one of them won a contest from a local photographer that included the sitting free + $100 in credit... then other one has a friend that started her own photography business within the past few years.. and shot them for free....

I want a super cool deal like them!!! Anyway... I will keep looking around, I am sure something reasonable will pop up!


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