Safeway & Walgreens Deals 4 Me!!!

>> February 26, 2010

I was up and getting ready early this morning for a nice treat... I had a prenatal massage at Gadabout... DH gave me a gift card for Christmas and I just got around to using it! It was a nice peaceful adventure.

Anyway, afterwards... I hit Target (found nothing...) Speaking of Target, I am SOOO bummed that I missed out on the double packs of Target (Up&UP) formula in their big bonus buys section. Everything was clearanced 50% this week...and I didn't realize formula was part of this deal. Bummer for me!

4 Milks $2.19 each - $0.55/1 IP (California milk)= $1.19 each
4 Honey Bunches of Oats $2 - $2 Blinkies (found by the milks)= free
Total $4.76 on a gift card...
Earned $3 OYNO (honey bunches of oats)

So a net cost of $1.76 for 4 gallons of milk and 4 cereals!! What a great deal!!! Oh and I finally used my reusable totes and totally forgot to ask for my $0.05 discount per bag.. ugh.. oh well.

I also stopped at Walgreens to spend a $3 RR that was expiring today
1 Excedrin $2.50- $2 IP = $0.50
5 Big single Tp $0.50 each (with ad q)
- $3 RR
Total $0.30 on a gift card, earned $2 RR (Excedrin)

Not a bad deal.. net cost of $1.30 for the 5 BIG rolls of TP!

I actually need to repeat this transaction one more time today.. I have one more $3 RR expiring today, but I couldn't find anymore of the Excedrin menstrual at the store (that is the kind that gives the $2 RR)


Eve February 26, 2010 at 5:30 PM  

Great Run!! This time the cashier didn't take my .55/1 Milk Q's grr..
BTW, Just a HU! I read on the Reusable Bag stand (@ Safeway) where they have the reusable bags hanging for ppl to buy, that you can get 10% off on your total bill if you use reuseable bags. I forgot mine today, but I thought this was gr8.


kc March 9, 2010 at 6:53 AM  

Hi Eve,

I haven't noticed that sign yet at Safeway, but I will try and remember to ask about it next time.. assuming I can remember to bring in my reusable bags!! :-)

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