Target 2/17

>> February 18, 2010

(sorry the picture is yucky.. I just opened up the curtains this morning and wasn't paying attention)..

So yesterday Quinn and I ran over to the food pantry place to drop off a few bags, I had to get them out of my dining room! Then off to Target.. which can be quite an adventure with Quinn. I am getting pretty tired during trips at this point, particularly if I am the only one with Quinn.. no help means lots of extra Quinn work. He did great though, we only spent about 10 minutes in the toy aisles playing.. I convinced him to carry a ball around with us while we were shopping, so that helped.

Anyway, Valentines were still only 50% off, but I snagged some Mini M&M's at $1.62 each.. since those are a good size for Quinn and potty training... not that I have really started that hard core yet, but its better than the $3 I paid a few weeks ago...

I was hoping to find my curtains at 75% off.. but I know I had cleaned one store out of them (5), the other store only had 1 last time I looked and then of course my 3rd store doesn't even have them clearanced.. weird!

I did snag a curtain rod big enough for the den/nursery at 75% off.. which works well since we hadn't installed the other ones yet... so that saves another $5 on that project. Now to get it installed with the curtains this weekend and then I can return the 2 rods I bought at 50% off!

And the $ section had some 50% off stuff, the only thing I snagged though were the cute lunch bags to use for Quinn's b-day favors or something like that... Quinn is super big into fire trucks and police cars, and such right now.. so they are perfect!

I had planned on stopping at CVS on the way home, but I just didn't have the energy, Quinn loves to play with the model cars there, and its never a quick trip in and out...

(I am not really complaining about it too much though because he only plays with them.... he doesn't insist on buying toys everywhere.. hopefully that training hold true!!)

Then I had to tutor after Quinn's nap and a quick dinner before our Dinosaur Adventure. We had a blast.. Quinn had lots of fun! What a fun prize to win!

Maybe I can do a couple quick trips tonight after daddy gets home... its so much easier to shop without the little guy!!


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