Target 75% off Valentines Day + a couple Savers Finds..

>> February 19, 2010

So... we actually got quite a few errands done this morning... not bad for a mommy without her own mommy helping with the kiddo :-)

1) Ultrasound appt... to double check size of babe, which is big, but no decision yet as I still have 7-8 weeks to go.

2) Mail a letter
3) Drive through bank atm
4) Target- Return, drop off Rx, stalk the store for deals (more about it later), picked up RX with $10 new RX Q from sales ad.
5) CVS
6) Albies

I actually accomplished everything I had wanted to on my list for errands!!

Anyway, so at Target valentines stuff went 75% off...
PJ Pants for me $1.75
Elmo Book $2.47
Kai Lan Book $1.57
Sticker pack $0.74
Thomas Train set $2.49
Red (and pink) glass tray $2.49 (for under our toaster to catch crumbs...)
3 Potholders (not valentines but also 75% off) $1.24.. green for us, possible 2 brown ones for dad's stocking stuffer for next xmas
Best FIND!!! Wow Wow Wubbzy DVD $2.49!! (This one didn't ring up 75% off, none of the valentines dvds did, but I asked since it was in the valentines 75% off section... yeah me!) Quinn just started watching wubzzy, and is big into it right now.. we got to watch this video 3 times today. :-)

I used the $10 gift card from the RX purchase... and another $9.xx cash from our grocery budget this week.. but I think I am gonna return the books and sticker set.. we really don't need them...

The thomas train thing I will save for Easter... nothing valentines day about them... although they are NOT the wood ones he has.. but die cast metal instead.. but he is big into hotwheels/matchbox too.. so he will still enjoy them.

We stopped at Savers tonight after dinner, I picked up a Thomas metal Lunch Box in perfect condition for $4.99, a little high for my taste given its a thrift store, but I find Savers to be on the higher end... plus a set of cabinet handle locks for 1/2 off the $2.99 price, so only $1.49....we will try and see if they will work on the fridge, since Quinn can now open it.

The lunch box is super cute and I will save it for Easter... as an Easter basket, for the thomas trains I bought at target and any other goodies I happen to have stashed away already.


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