Target and Carters/Children's Place

>> February 09, 2010

So I went in to TARGET, looking for the buy 5, get $5 GC deal for quaker products.
The Oatmeal express in brown sugar and cinnamon was tagged as part of the promo and only $1.02 each! So I grabbed 10, for 2 orders.

I also came across robot decals for the baby's room. Robots are the theme... I already snagged the crib set with mobile. Target has a few robot items in their kid bedding section and they are fairly "new" so I was surprised that I came across this at 50% off! We had already planned on buying them... so now hopefully I can snag them at 75% off too!

The only hitch... the register didn't prompt for a $5 gift card with my 5 oatmeal cups. So it took a few minutes for the front to call the grocery section and verify the deal. However, in the end, it worked out ok. They couldn't MAKE the register give me a gift card, so they just took $5 off my orders...

Order #1
5 Quaker Oatmeal Cups $1.02 each - (2) $1.00 IP= $3.10 for all 5
Robot decals $6.48 (50% off)
-$5 (in lieu of the gc deal)
Total $4.70 OOP

Order #2
5 Quaker Oatmeal Cups $1.02
Total $0.10 OOP!

We then ran to the Foothills Mall.. my mom wanted to snag the Big Brother shirt/Little Brother onesie we found at Carters... so she bought those.. super cute

Then... we let Quinn play in the play area for awhile and hit up the Children's Place Outlet when he was done. They had quite a few super cheap racks, including some $1.99 racks. I snagged a great pair of grey corduroys for Quinn and 2 sleepers one for big brother and one for little brother.. all for $1.99 each, less my 15% off Q! Great Deals!!


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