Target Sunday: 90% valentines, 75% $ spot!

>> February 22, 2010

I enjoyed some retail therapy Sunday morning... hit up the Super Target and snagged some great Thomas deals... The Thomas 2 packs (pictured) are part of the Valentines Clearance, although there is nothing valentines about them. I totally scored 5 of them!! They are regularly $9.99, so I scored them for $0.99 each!!!!!

I plan on using one of each kind for Quinn's Easter "basket" and then save the other 3 for his b-day as party favors! What great favors, but super cheap!!

I also snagged the Kai Lan Valentine book at 90% off, which I will save for next year and a set of Paper Airplane Valentines for $0.29... we will just use those as a fun activity, Quinn has been wanting me to make paper airplanes for him lately.

This particular store had a TON of stuff in their dollar section marked down to 75% off! I snagged the cute lunch bags for $0.25 (for party favors) and 4 different Disney stickers to save for our next Disney trip... cheap fun stuff to pull out as a "souvenir" for Quinn.

I spent a total of $7.69
but returned some of the valentines stuff I bought at 75% off and received back $7.86!!

AND I turned one Thomas train set into 5!! The only thing I didn't "re buy" at 90% off was the Elmo book.

Later on Sunday (no pictured above), I also snagged a valentines spinning globe/light thingy for $0.49, I will set it aside with the Kai Lan book for Valentines day next year!! Not a bad haul!


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