Tuesday Errands

>> February 02, 2010

We ran out to do a few errands this morning.

  • We donated the contour meters, it was nice to get them out of the house.

  • We dropped off some goodies at RockNBabies to consign. Its a very nice store for baby/kids stuff, much nicer than Twice as nice. And it's a true consignment shop, where they price the stuff and you get paid when it sells... So no credit for me yet, but it was nice to get the stuff dropped off and hopefully it sells quickly. My mom picked up a Loser (cubbie) onesie for #2! Its a newborn size, so I am sure we will only get one wear out it, but Papa is a huge fan...

  • We stopped at Target to check out the clearance and grab a bite to eat (it was lunch time)... unfortunately the bedding/curtains stuff still hasn't been marked down again. I really need some blackout shades for both the boys' rooms, and I found some that might work at 30% offf... would love to snag them at 50% off!

  • Last stop.. CVS

I ended up returning the 15" HDTV that I had bought on Black Friday for Peter.. he decided he didn't want to put it in our bedroom. I used a ton of ECBS and a gift card to pay for it and they had a hard time getting the refund through the system. I am gonna order him a new electric razor with the credit instead... there is a 20% off code good online through today (FEB20 I think) at cvs.com. Hopefully I can use the money card online!

I also had received another $5/30 CVS Q in my email good through today... so I did another quick order.

3 Soy Joy Bars $6 each - $2 MQ= $4 each

5 EOB sunscreen spray (coconut lime) 90% off!!! $0.84 each (one not pictured.. gave to my mom for their upcoming big trip to Ixtapa!!)

1 book of stamps $8.80

-$5/30 CVS Q

-19.98 ECBS

Total $0.24 on a gift card...

Earned $18 ECBS back for the soy joy.. not a bad run, I needed the stamps, and the sunscreen will come in handy! The soyjoys will be donated.. so a net cost of $2.22 in CVS funds for a book of stamps and 5 sunscreens.. not a bad deal!

I also snagged some of the tear pad Qs (in picture).. found on the fridge doors and good on a smoking deal for powerade and pringles this week. Check out the deal HERE! Thanks to Macey for the heads up!!! I hope to do this deal sometime this week! We can use the powerade for low blood sugar around here.. plus the pringles will be a bonus and all using CVS $!!


Precious February 3, 2010 at 6:47 AM  

Thanks so much for posting about the CVS deal. I have those coupons and I also have the ones from Recycle Bank. I will have to see how good a deal I can work.

Teresa February 3, 2010 at 8:27 AM  

I had no idea I could use ECBS for stamps! I am kicking myself because I just got some stamps the other day.. At least now I know

kc February 3, 2010 at 10:43 AM  

Hi Precious,
I hope to score on the super cheap pringles and powerade soon! I am hoping I might get another $5/30 email Q this weekend too.. I have the past few.. so that would be nice.

Hi Teresa,
Don't feel bad, I just figured it out. I noticed a few other people posting their orders with stamps in it...and clearly using ECBS.. I never knew either!

Andrea February 6, 2010 at 8:37 PM  

Where did you donate you glucose meters?

kc February 7, 2010 at 4:08 AM  

There is a interfaith church pantry that I usually drop my extra HBA items off too, mostly because they are SUPER close to my house. I think World Care would also take them if you are local (its a bit far for me) and they might have other drop off locations since they are collecting for Hati. Another option is to post them on your local freecycle with a request for a charity/health organization only.
hope that helps.

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