Walgreens, Walgreens, Walgreens (and a side of Target..)

>> February 12, 2010

So.. I took advantage of the 15% Friends and Family Discount at Wags to finish a few deals this evening...
(all of these spread across 3 stores...)
Order #1
Captain Crunch $1.69
Dove Mens Body Wash $5.09- $1.25
1 Milkyway- filler $0.42
-$5 RR
Total $1.36 on a gift card
Earned $6 RR (dove)

Order #2
Dove Mens Body Wash $5.09- $1.25
Schick Razor $7.64 - $3
4 Milkyways $1.59 for all 4
-10 RR
Total $1.20 on a gift card
Earned $ $6 RR (dove) and $3 (schick)
and will send in for the schick rebate $7.64 back...

Order #3
$25 amazon gift card (for a upcoming b-day gift)
$15 subway gift card (nice for a quick lazy dinner)
5 3 Musketeers $2.11 for all 5
- $42 RR
Total $0.11 OOP (cash since I was buying gift cards and I haven't been able to use the Walgreens gift card to pay OOP costs on gift card orders lately)
Earned $1.50 RR (candy)

Order #4
Huggies Night Time Pullups $7.64 - $2 MQ
Glad Wrap $1.69
-$6 RR
Total $1.90 on a gift card
Earned $3 RR (huggies)

Order #5
Huggies Night Time Pullups $7.64- $2 MQ
Captain Crunch $1.69
-$6 RR
Total $1.80 on a gift card
Earned $3 RR (huggies)

I was so stoked to see the night time pull ups were included in the sale, so after dinner I ran back out for a few more... Night Time diapers/pull ups are RARELY included in diaper deals.

Orders #6-8
Night Time Pull UPs $7.64- $2 MQ
Total $6.11 on a gift card
Earned $3 RR

So the last 3 orders, my net walgreens $ loss was only $3.11 for each pack... not too shabby.

I ran into Target to pick up a RX and found the robot decals I found recently marked down again to 75% off!!! $3.24 each, so I snagged 2 of them.. and will return the $6.48 ones.. and then we will decide if we actually need 2 of them, if not we will return another one.. Plus I found the cell phone/charger organizer thingy 75% off at $7.48, if we can find a good place for it, that makes sense for us, then we will keep it as well.


Precious February 13, 2010 at 8:38 AM  

You got some good deals. We love our cellphone docking stations. We just leave them on a dresser in the bedroom and plug them in before we retire for the night.

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