A word on rainy day productivity....

>> February 10, 2010

So I let DH take my truck for training today... planned on staying home today since it was going to be fairly rainy all day and my mom was busy with appointments (she is generally our partner in crime).

I had planned a lot of stuff around the house, but most of it didn't happen. Mostly because if you noticed my previous giveaway post.. you can see I was totally surfing for blogs and contests to enter.. fun stuff, but a total time waster!

What did I do?

I cut some coupons and planned a few deals to try and do this week, which is productive. I tutored.. always nice to earn some cash. I did some searching online for more mystery shopping companies. I haven't been getting any good ones lately, and was hoping to join another company or two for more opportunities.

I did a couple surveys through Opinion Outpost and was able to redeem for a $5.20 Amazon gift card! (they let you redeem anything at $5 or more!) I only joined recently, so I am pretty happy with the results!

I clicked through a ton of MyPoints email for points. If you haven't joined, its super easy and I let the points build for quite awhile. I have redeemed for lots of gift cards through them, it can take some time if you only do the emails, but its free and easy. I pop in when I am watching TV or have a few minutes. If you want a referral, shoot me an email kcchica1 at gmail dot com.

I finished 2 big organizing projects on Monday and Tuesday... Monday I sorted my HBA closet and found several bags worth of stuff to donate, I will try and post pics later. My mom took a bag of stuff home too.. its so nice to help out family, people in need and GET ORGANIZED again! Plus I get an update on what I really do and DO NOT need to buy!

I also finished a huge deep freezer organizing project, that I have been wanting to do.. again quite an eye opener on a few items I DO NOT need to buy... more on that later as well.

I received several magazines this week, so I hope to hit up Bookmans tomorrow and get some more credit. I also want to find a book with a good sized Monkey illustration in it.. I plan on framing it for the boys new Monkey themed bathroom... free art!!

I have an RX to fill tomorrow.. unfortunately no refills left, which makes transfering hard.. I had hoped to use the new $30 Frys Q on it, but maybe not this time.

That's all I can share for now.. I am tired. :-)


Milloy Family February 11, 2010 at 8:18 AM  

KC- Transfer your RX to Safeway and use the $30 giftcard in-ad Q from a few weeks ago. If you've already filled it at your local Safeway, transfer it to another Safeway. They consider that a transferred prescription because their computers aren't linked. I just did this last week and it worked like a charm!

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