Disneyland Bonus Funds!!: Disney Visa Sign Up Bonus + Disney Gift Card Deal

>> March 31, 2010

Ok here are a couple deals that I thought I would pass along for Disney Fans...

Disney Visa Card: $25 Disney Gift Card when you apply and use the card for the 1st time.

If you are interested in the Disney Visa Card, I can give you a referral for a $25 Disney gift card when you sign up and use your card for the first time. We use this card to earn points for our Disneyland trips. It is basically 1 Disney point per $1 spent. And each point is worth $1 Disney Dollar on their rewards card... we cash our rewards cards right before our trip and use them in the park for meals, but you could also use them for Disney hotels, tickets, etc. There are sometimes promos where you can earn 3X, 4X rewards for certain purchases.

The other great benefit with the card is the Free Disney Meet and Greet in the park with a free 5X7 picture. They offer it at Disney's California Adventure, where you get to meet with a couple characters and they take photos, then they give you a voucher to redeem for one of the photos! We try and do this every day we are there, for free souvenirs!!

Anyway, if you sign up through me you can get the $25 gift card after your first purchase with the credit card. Here is more information about the card. If you want to apply, email me for my member ID number (which you need for the bonus $25 offer).

Frys (Kroger Stores) Disney Gift Card Deal!

Buy a Disney Gift Card Multipack (3, $15 cards) and earn a $5 OYNO Q! If you plan on going on a trip soon, this is a good way to for a $5 freebie!! It is only good through SATURDAY! So if you are interested, you need to hurry!! Here are details from their website!


Freebie Easter Fun!

I seriously love this dejected Easter Bunny Photo... it's my go-to photo for Easter blogs! Maybe we will get another good one this year. Anyway...

So here is the current round up for Easter Stuff

Easter egg hunts at Bookmans on Saturday:

Ina Location: Egg hunt with arts and crafts starting at 10 am!
Speedway: Egg hunt with Easter Bunny Photos starting at 10 am!
Grant: Egg hunt starting at 11 am!

And for the Phoenix peeps..
Phoenix: Egg hunt with Easter Bunny Photos starting at 10 am!
Mesa: Egg hunt with Easter Bunny Photos starting at 9 am!

Ina/La Cholla: Easter Bunny Photos 10-5, Friday and Sunday, with a free 4X8 Greeting Card (I assume of your Easter bunny photo)!

Check with your local store to see if they will be having Easter Bunny Photos! And bring your own digital camera to snap extras... we always seem to do better with a candid one than the official ones anyway... like the sad Easter bunny above!

Bass Pro Shop in Mesa
Easter Egg Hunt: Saturday and Sunday 2pm-3pm
Easter Bunny Photos: Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm, Monday-Friday 6pm-8pm.

Anymore that I should list????


Don't Forget to Enter My $25 Safeway + Betty Crocker Giveaway!!

>> March 30, 2010

So.. no real deals for me today. Quinn woke up throwing up early this morning, hoped it was a quick get it out of your system and go back to sleep thing... HAHAHAHAH who am I kidding.. poor guy has been zombie like all day. And I am getting close to it! He still has a fever, although with daddy's help we did force some meds down and he is in the 'warm" bath right now. Oh and he had 1/2 of a mini bagel! So progress!

Anyway, no errands other than my drs. appt, which told me nada! UGH!! (38 weeks today, come on little guy we are all ready for you!!!).

Just thought I would post a reminder that my $25 Safeway + Betty Crocker Sweet Spring Treat Giveaway is still running!! If you haven't entered yet, please go do so HERE!

Hopefully Quinnie sleeps well tonight (PLEASE!) and we can do a few things tomorrow, heck even if we didn't go anywhere and he felt better, I could do a few things, he was very clingy today, and so sad. :-(


Frys: Finally made it over for the Buy 8 Save $4 event!

>> March 29, 2010

Order #1
3 12 packs coke $2.47 (wyb 8)
16 Delmonte Tomatoes $0.49 (wyb 8) each- $1/4 MQ = $0.24 each
2 Pam Sprays $1.99 (wyb 8) - 1 MQs= $0.99 each
2 Bumble Bee Tuna (my mom already took them) $0.49 (wyb 8) - $0.55/1 MQ= $0.50 overage each
3 Dial Soaps $1.50(wyb 8) - $0.35 MQ= $0.50 each (BOUGHT THE WRONG KIND)
6 Scotch Brite Sponges $0.50 each (wyb 8) - $0.75/2 MQs= free
3 BC Potatoes (my mom already took them) $1.29- (2) $0.25 MQ- $0.80 eQs = $1.07 for all 3
1 Sunny D $1 - $0.25 MQ= free (only one left in the store)
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $2.99- free eQ (Hit the Hoops game)= free
King Size Reeses $1 - free eQ(Hit the Hoops game) = free
-$5/1 eQ (Hit the Hoops game)
Total $9.80 OOP
Earned $3 OYNO for BC potatoes.

So... the Hit the Hoops game on frys website.. is a little screwy.. I won (2) $5 credits on the 1st 2 days I played.. right when it started. Super lucky... I had trouble loading the 2nd win and waited about a week for them to fix it. Which they eventually did.. but after they did.. I still had 2 more wins loaded to my account, the hotdogs and reeses... .shows up on my score board. So today, I thought I would try and see if I really won those also... and apparently I did... since they were free.. so while I thought I might get those also. I had no clue that ANOTHER $5 eQ would come off.. not sure what the deal with that is... crazy weird!!!

Order #2
4 Scotch Brite Sponges $0.50 - $0.75/2 MQ= free
2 Motts Apple Juice $0.99 each
4 Delmonte Tomatoes $0.49 each - $1/4 MQ= $0.24 each
3 Dial Soaps $1.50 - $0.35 MQ= $0.50 each (wrong ones)
3 Bumble Bee Tuna $0.49 - $0.55/1 MQ= $0.50 overage each
3 BC Potatoes $1.29- $0.25 MQ= $0.29 each
- $3 OYNO (from 1st order)
Total $1.81 OOP

Looks like they might have missed one Q... a BC one.. my total should have paid $0.81.. oh well. Earned another $3 OYNO Q (BC potatoes).. I do plan on going back and exchanging my dial soaps).. so I should get another $3 back for both orders.. so really my OOP cost for both orders will be under $9!


Family Dollar 3/29: Free Snuggle, cheap bread!

We ran into Family Dollar to see if they had any $3 Snuggle! They had 3 boxes of dryer sheets left, so I snagged those.. then they had a basket of 1/2 price bread that included our fave kind to buy, sara lee whole grain! Plus I found a pretty nice frame for the nursery for $2. We received a super cool, handmade robot card at the shower (my crafty aunt Susan made it for us!) and I wanted to frame it as art!!

3 Sara Lee Bread/Buns $1.22 each
1 Black 5X7 Frame $2
3 Snuggles $3- $3 MQs= free
Total $6.33 OOP!


Speaking of Walgreens ~ $5.96 profit on 3 runs!!

There are reports that the DOVE is now NOT rolling anymore...

The Dove Register Reward is currently rolling... it was reported online yesterday, although I didn't get a chance to try it until today. I am hoping I can get out again tonight and do a few more runs with it rolling! It makes my orders so much easier.. as long as it's rolling I will be focusing on dove, and building up my extra RR!

Order #1
1 Dove Shampoo $4 - $2 IP= $2
7 Reese's Dark Chocolate cups $0.39 (ad Q)- $0.55 MQ= $0.16 overage on each one!!
Total $1.12 OOP, and earned the $4 RR (dove)

Order #2
1 Dove Shampoo $4- $1.50 MQ= $2.50
1 Dentek Floss $2-$1 MQ= $1
1 Green Giant Corn $0.59 (with ad Q)
-$4 RR
Total $0.46 OOP, and earned the $4 RR (dove), and $2 (dentek)!

Order #3
Same as Order #2!

So I spent $2.04 OOP (no wags gift card right now..) and still have $4 RR, and (2) $2 RR left to spend!!

Plus of course I have 3 Dove products, 2 flosses and 2 cans of corn.. and yummy chocolate (YES one is already missing from the picture!!)

I can keep repeating the last 2 transactions with any $0.50+ filler, until I run out of Dove and Dentek Qs. I will have to see how many Qs I have left...There are some exactly $0.50 sale items in the ad, salt, baking powder, etc.. but I can only use so much salt and baking powder, the veggies are a good alternative for only $0.09 more!

Thanks to CB at slickdeals for sharing her plans last night.... helped me get started today with little OOP!!!

And don't forget.. to check with your local walgreens to see if they will be offering Easter Bunny Photos!!


Yah Walgreens!! RE: Easter Bunny Photos!

>> March 28, 2010

Hey everyone.. Good news for Mommy's that don't want to pay for an Easter Bunny photo! Check with your local Walgreens!

My mom just grabbed a flyer from one of ours (Ina and LaCholla for locals), they are doing Easter Bunny Photos today, Next Friday and Next Sunday 10 am- 5pm! Get a free 4X8 Photo Card of the picture! Oh course don't forget to bring your own camera to snap several shots... that is how we got our beauty above last year among a few others!

I did call our 2 local walmarts, and it doesn't appear they will be doing Easter Bunny Pics this year.. one was clueless, the other one said NO. So disappointing, but Walgreens is picking up the slack!

Check with your local stores to see if they will be doing Easter Bunny photos as well!!

Of course for those that want to still pay at the mall.. here are details I posted last week.


Robot Bucket anyone? My other Saturday Stops..

So I actually hit up Target, Alberstsons and CVS, in addition to Safeway yesterday afternoon.... I just didn't have time to post about it last night.

Did I mention we are doing Robots for the nursery?? :-) I randomly saw that Target had a cute little felt ROBOT easter basket for $1.99!! It is super cute, although not super sturdy as an actual easter basket, it will be perfect up on a shelf for some cute storage. And I will attempt to find it after easter to do a price adjustment and make it EVEN cheaper. :-)

Plus I snagged 4 more solar lights for $1 each with the $2 Target Qs and one pillow $2.54- $1.50 Q= $1.04! It's for Quinn, he was using one of our old pillows, so now he has a nice new one!

Total $7.60 on a gift card!

At Albertsons... I wanted to use my rain check for the $1 turkey chubs (93% fat free!!), plus we NEEDED soda and are almost always on the verge of needing milk! The swiss tea was a freebie
win from the monopoly game, would not normally buy it... we will see what Peter thinks of it.. I can't stand sweet tea!

10 Turkey Chubs $1 each (with rain check)
2 gallons milks $2.08 each
4 Diet Pepsi $2.50 each
1 Swiss Tea $2.50- free Q
-(1) Bag credit $0.05 (ugh... they used 3 bags... shorted me $0.10! I was so proud I remembered to bring them in though!)
Total $24.11 on a gift card!

Plus I turned in 2 more "2 extra monopoly game piece" wins, so I received a total of 12 monopoly pieces for this order.

CVS.. a quick stop at CVS to snag the meters for the $5 ECB Plus I scanned our cards and both of us (me and mom) received the $2/10 Baby CRT, which will be awesome for the diaper deal this week! I just need to decide on sizes.....

Order #1
1 Bayer Meter $14.99- free mQ= free
2 Jelly beans $0.77 each
Total $1.54 on a gift card and earned $5 ECB

Order #2
1 Bayer Meter $14.99 - free MQ= free
Total $0 OOP! No tax... weird.... usually we are taxed on pre coupon prices, not sure what happened.


Sunday Notes...

I added another AZ blogger to my list!!
Cents'Able Shoppin!, I think they are in Phoenix, from what I can tell.

I am so loving my HUGE AZ blog list! Its so nice to see what other locals are doing. It is a great resource, so be sure to check the right side of my blog to see what they are up to!

Also for comments/questions on my posts right now.. if I don't get to it right away you might want to email me... DesertDealsDiva (AT) gmail (DOT) com. Without comment moderation, its easy for new comments to slip through the cracks right now. I am trying hard to double check each post for new comments, but.... I can't make any promises!



Incredible Safeway Run!!!

>> March 27, 2010

Ok... did pretty good at safeway today! Came out about $8.87 ahead!!

4 Betty Crocker Cake Mix $0.69 each - (2) $0.75 eQs (one shortcuts and one cell fire)= $1.26 for all 4!
2 Eggs, one was $0.99, one was $1.49 (the $0.99 price was limit one)- B1G1 = $1.49 for both (should have taken off the $1.49 in my opinion, but he made up for it with extra pillsbury Qs)
4 Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies $1.50 each - $1/2 MQs (brought 2 with me), but the cashier took the $0.40/2 peelies off 2 boxes and pushed them through.. so = $2.00 for all 4
10 Michael Angelos Meals $2.50 each - (5) B1G1 IPs - (5) $1 = $7.50 for all 10!
4 Suave Body Wash $1.25 each - $0.50 MQs= $1 for all 4
6 Herbal Essences $1.99 each - (3) B1G1 (scans pre sale price of $4.49 each!!) - (3) $1 MQs=$4.53 OVERAGE!! (I gave 2 already to my brother)
$10 Gift Card
-$13 OYNO Qs from my last trip!!
Total $3.12 on a gift card!!!
Earned $10 OYNO (michael angelos), $2 (pillsbury) and (2) $1.50 (suave)!

Summary: Spent $3.12 on a gift card + $13 OYNO Qs (that would expire in a few days anyway) and received $10 gift card + $15 OYNO Qs!! = $8.87 profit!!

Special thanks to Kim and Eve for pointing out some specific deals! It really helped me out this week!!

And if anyone knows what size to print the Michael Angelos coupons at to allow them to scan, I would love to know.. would pick up another 10... but its so annoying that they don't scan right and the company sends you the link as a pdf file that is huge!


More Giveaways!!

So I have the self-cleaning oven thingy running right now (yeah I know, energy waster, but its gross and needs to be cleaned!) and I already cleaned out the microwave this morning. We are watching Toy Story (AGAIN!) and I thought I might share a few more giveaways I have entered in the past few days from other bloggers...

  1. $100 or $50 Diapers.com credit over at Swaggrabber!!! Awesome! The $100 would go well towards another Britax car seat... or a ton of diapers!! Ends 3/30.
  2. $40 Right on the Walls decal art over at Frugal & Fabulous! This looks like a fun way to put the baby's name in the nursery. Ends 4/1.
  3. 100 full color 4X6 postcards from UPrinting.com @ I AM A Money Magnet. Baby announcements maybe?? Ends 3/30.
  4. $25 Build a Bear @ Riding with No Hands. Quinn would love to try this!! Ends 4/4.
  5. $25 Build a Bear @Kelly's Lucky You. Ends 3/31
  6. $25 Build a Bear @ 3 Kids and Us. Hurry ends today 3/27!!
  7. $25 Build a Bear @ Lady Bug Soup. Ends 4/6

And of course don't forget to enter my own $25 Safeway + Betty Crocker Gift Set!!


Thursday Evening Errands: 99 cent only and Bookmans!

>> March 26, 2010

I bopped out pretty late last night with a friend run a few errands.

1st stop: Big Lots
I stopped at Big Lots to see if they had any of Crocs for $10, but our location only had generic ones. I am guessing these sold out fast.

2nd stop: 99 cent only
I picked up mini carrots, citrucel chews and dirty diaper plastic bags (for my diaper bag) for $3.16 OOP. Nothing too exciting.. but I did notice the store had TONS of the Dreyers peppermint and pumpkin ice cream right now! This is the Ina location for any locals. I still have 2 "gallons" in my freezer, so I showed some restraint.. but man I wish they carried it all the time!!!

3rd stop: Bookmans
I received $10 in credit for the 1o-15 magazines (I didn't count them), that we have received over the past few weeks. I spent that and more on the stuff pictured above. I found 2 Wonder Pets DVDs for Quinn, for $5.50 each, a Backyardigans robot book and a novel for me. I used Quinn's 10% kids club discount and $16.65 in trade to get the goodies for $0 OOP! :-)

I was hoping to find a Fireman Sam or Wow Wow Wubbzy video.. but I just don't think they are common enough yet.... I may get lucky at some point though!

I am hoping to get some grocery store trips planned and accomplished this weekend.. I have been busy cleaning almost all day today (am I nesting?? Gosh I hope the babe comes soon!), so I haven't done much paperwork or planning yet.


Please check your ENTRIES!!

I had a computer malfunction just now and a couple entries in the giveaway disappeared/deleted. Please make sure yours are all published. I am up to date as of right now on approving comments. So if you don't see your comment, try again.


I just changed my settings to allow all comments to come through while the giveaway is running, so no need for moderation. Please be sure you are signed in (so I can see your profile for your email address) or leave your email address. I have had a couple anonymous entries with No email address. you can't win, if I can't contact you!!!


Safeway and Betty Crocker Sweet Spring Treat Giveaway!

Giveaway is now CLOSED!!!!
Quinn was super excited to open up the Betty Crocker Sweet Spring Treat package. He "got a package just like Wubbzy!" (Totally a NicJr thing, so no biggie if you aren't big Wow Wow Wubbzy fans like us.) We were in the process of putting together his new Little Tykes Grill, so the baking supplies went well with the "cooking" he was doing! And yes that is Peanut Butter and Jelly on his face! :-)

Anyway, we haven't had a chance to actually bake with the fun stuff we were sent yet, but I wanted to get the Safeway sale information out to you right away and of course announce the fun giveaway I get to participate in!!

I think a yummy rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip frosting sounds perfect right about now! So that might be our first goal.... when I get a chance to do a deal run at Safeway!

We received this neat baking kit, a Safeway Gift Card and VIP Betty Crocker Coupon from Betty Crocker, Safeway and MyBlogSpark for sharing the following information with my readers! And the better part for YOU is that I get to give away a "Sweet Springs Treat" prize pack to one reader as well!! Check out the information and giveaway below!!

Safeway has a great sale running right now through April 6th for both Betty Crocker SuperMoist Cake and Traditional Brownie Mixes at the special price of $0.69 when you buy 4 or more.
You can save even more if you have the 2/7/10 General Mills Coupon insert and you can combine those with eQs available here!! (Coupons downloaded directly to your Safeway card!!)

For great spring recipe ideas, visit BakeSweetMemories.com today. Bake Sweet Memories has delicious recipes for fun desserts using your Betty Crocker favorites, including Easter Bunny Cakes and even morning brunches, like the Impossibly Easy Breakfast Bake, which are sure to brighten any morning!

I really think these Bunny Cupcakes are super cute and the best part for me is that there is no coconut involved. The recipe has clear directions on how to recreate this cute guys! How great is that!

Ok on to the giveaway! One reader will receive a "Sweet Spring Treat" prize pack to include the following: a silicon baking pan, stainless steel mixing bowl, oven mitt, Betty Crocker mixing spoon, and a $25 Safeway gift card.

How to Enter:
Visit the Bake Sweet Memories website and let me know which recipe you would like to try out! Make sure your email address is available via your profile or you leave it in your comment! Only one entry via this method will count and I will delete duplicates. :-)

Extra Entries (after you complete the Mandatory one above):
Subscribe via Email, Subscribe as a Reader, Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link back to your blog (2 extra entries), or add my button to your blog/blog roll! Be sure you leave a separate comment for each extra entry you qualify for! And of course if you already are a subscriber, or have Desert Deals Diva listed on your blog... THANKS!! And just let me know so that you get extra entries too!

The giveaway is limited to US residents and will end on April 4th at 12 noon (AZ time!). I will use a random number generator to pick a winner (and email them). The lucky winner will need to respond within 48 hours or I will pick another winner!

Sound fair?? I hope so! :-)

Disclosure: To thank me for sharing this information and giveaway with you, I received a VIP Betty Crocker coupon, gift card and prize pack from Safeway, Betty Crocker via MyBlogSpark! All opinions expressed are my own.


Frugal Ramblings: Toy Story Edition

>> March 25, 2010

So I thought I might take a few moments to blog while we sit here enjoying our new Toy Story DVD.... This is the first disney movie Quinn has sat down and really watched... we have put on Monsters Inc in the past few months, but he wasn't that into it at the time.. some parts were fun. for him, but he ignored others. Anyway, we have been watching about half an hour... and he has barely taken his eyes off the DVD. He has a Buzz Light Year toy, so I think that helps...

Anyway, peter and I are also watching it because we haven't seen it since it was first release many years ago.. although Peter is claiming to have never seen it.

Anyway, we hit Toys R Us today for 2 great deals for this week. I snagged Toy Story 1 & 2 DVD/Blue Ray Combo packs for $16.73 total with tax!!! Basically if you buy both you get them for 16.99 each and then I had $10 IPQs from my disney rewards account to use on each one! Plus I had BabiesRUs credit to use.. so it actually cost me $0 OOP!! And each movie came with a Toy Story 3 movie pass to use in the theater this summer.

Summary: Both movies on DVD and BlueRay with 2 movie tickets for $16.73!!! I am not sure we will use the movie passes, so if we can't use them for another movie, then I will trade them for something else useful... not a bad deal overall!

In addition, Grandma spoiled Quinn today... she went ahead and did the B1G1 Little Tykes Deal with the swing and grill. She had seen the grill in the Frys MarketPlace ad for $29.99 this weekend and mentioned it to me... so I let her in on the better sale at toys r us, same price for the grill, but part of the B1G1 Little Tykes (up to $29.99) sale. So she was able to snag the grill + the disk thing for the swing set for the same price!!! She paid $32.xx for both items!! I am stoked about the swing disk since I had wanted another thing for the swing set. Plus the grill will be moved to an outside toy in his play yard once daddy puts up the shade sails. Quinn got quite the upgrade for outside toys today!!

Anyway, we stopped in to Twice as Nice to see if we could snag something cool with the email coupon, but Quinn was pretty excited to get home and play with his grill, so he didn't let us look for very long. I also stopped into BigLots to check out their Crocs selection, on sale for $10.. but the ones they had didn't work for us.

I made Taco Soup for Dinner tonight... We had everything on hand and it turned out great again! It is such an easy recipe!

I did spend some time filling out a couple rebates this morning, which I mailed with my thank you notes today! Plus I did a few e-rewards surveys, actually, I didn't qualify for the few I tried, but I still earned a little bit of money for attempting it. Often they only take "so" many people that fit certain criteria and since I am not always prompt at attempting the surveys, I get disqualified easily. Anyway, its just a reminder to take surveys more timely if I want the full credit!

Anyway, that is all for now.. I better publish this or it won't ever get done. :-)


Groupon Deal 3/25: Rock Climbing!

Well.... I couldn't do this anytime soon, but looks like a fun, INDOOR activity for this summer!!!
$9 for a one day Rock Climbing Pass and Gear Rental at AZ on the Rocks! (normally $21)... in Scottsdale.


Frugal Ramblings: 3 AM Edition

You would think that I would have TONS of more time to blog right now... given that I am getting NOTHING done around the house and very few errands accomplished. However at 37 weeks, I am happy with ANY accomplishments even if its the house not getting worse. I am so ready.... uncomfortable, not sleeping well, now not eating good... ugh, seriously lets move forward!!!
Anyway... I have seriously started several "Frugal Ramblings" posts, but never get them finished enough to post before they are out dated.
So what have I done lately??

Well I just spent 4 minutes working on Mypoints, mindlessly clicking emails from the past 10 days. I just search Mypoints in my gmail account, and then start clicking. Not too hard for ~100 points. Speaking of Mypoints, I was also checking out the rewards....I have 3410 points right now and was debating what to spend them on... It is enough or almost enough for a $25 gift card to several places... I want to be super frugal and get the best points/dollar ratio, but... I also want to be practical about what I pick.
Here are some choices...

Banana Republic/Gap- $25: 3350 points
Bath and Body Works- $25: 3350 points

Chili's-On The Border-Maggiano's - Romano's Macaroni Grill- $25: 3550 points

Old Navy- $25: 3550 points

Kohls- $25: 3600 points

CVS- $25: 3700 points

Subway- $25: 3700 points

Walgreens- $25: 3750 points

Shell- $25: 3850 points

Target/Walmart- $25: 3900 points

I want to only spend 3350 points... but while I COULD use the gift cards available at that "price" they aren't as practical as say an Old Navy gift card which has better kids clothes deals + coupons often available. Plus Kohls could easily be doubled to $50 worth of stuff... waiting around for a $10/20 peelie Q that seems to pop up in AZ periodically (like this week!). CVS and Wags cards could be stretched really far.. although I have plenty of CVS funds right now.. so WAGS would be better.. of course it is also 50 points higher than CVS. And then Target and Walmart are both nice options because they sell many different items....

I am thinking Walgreens at this point, because the $25 could be stretched REALLY far with a good register reward deal and this would cover the OOP costs... Sometimes a "decent" money maker pops up like $2-4 dollars per item... but with some OOP costs and $0 wag funds left, I pass up the deal.


It goes without saying... anytime I pop online, I need to search something I almost always try Swagbucks searching before google... which pays off every few weeks with enough Swagbucks for a $5 amazon gift card. A very nice freebie and I am building them up for christmas again (and of course any AMAZING cheap deals that come up before then!)

I did finish up my baby shower thank you notes! I used the ones I snagged at Hallmark for a GREAT price a few months ago!


I plan on doing a few errands tomorrow.. or I should say today, assuming I manage to sleep here pretty quickly, so that I am not too tired in the morning. Including checking out the ToysRUs B1G1 Little Tykes Sale (up to $29.99). My mom mentioned this super cute Grill set for $29.99 that I want to check out and I had been eyeing a swing thingie like this for the freebie swing set we were given last year.. to replace the hanging bar thing that is way too tall/old for Quinn....

We might stop in at Twice as Nice as well.. they are starting their B1G1 fastener sale tomorrow (last week of every month), but I also received this email for a free 'orange' fastener item up to $12.99 as a gift.... good tomorrow only. If you want a copy... click here to forward the email to yourself! It's good in Phoenix, Tucson and Sierra Vista!

I am working on my list of grocery deals for this week... trying to keep it to stuff that I really need or deals I can't miss.. but its hard, I am so ambitious each week and more than 1/2 the time I can't get it done right now. Kim @ Arizona Savings...highlighted some of her favorite deals here... Plus of course do not forget about PinchingYourPennies.. which is always my first stop after checking out the grocery ads. They are awesome over there!!!

Lastly, I received an awesome package yesterday... from MyBlogSpark, Betty Crocker and Safeway... look for a great giveaway in the next few days!!!


Target: Cheap Solar Lights!

>> March 23, 2010

I snagged 8 solar lights for $8.65 total today!! There are new target web coupons online...including one for $2.00 of solar lights. These cute guys were only $3 each! I had no problem buying all 8 in one transaction. I will let Peter decide if we need a few more or not.... I wasn't sure how many we could use in the backyard, but 8 seemed like a good number.

A couple other home coupons available at target online right now are $2.00 off beach towels (there are $2.50 ones in the $ section, but I wasn't too impressed with the quality or size). Also a 25% off rug coupon, which might be good if you can find one on sale/clearance. Anyway, that is all I bought today...


The Easter Bunny!!

>> March 22, 2010

So... I haven't seen if Walmart is doing a free Easter Bunny this year.. hope so, cause I hate to pay for it, particularly since Quinn is still IFFY about such things. (Last year he kept trying to get away.... poor easter bunny).

Of course the Malls have their Easter Bunnies set up and ready to go.

Easter Bunny is available 11 am - 7 pm (Mon-Sat) and 12 pm - 6 pm (Sundays). Free gift for kids under 10 and photo packages are available; prices start at $15, see link above for details.
March 27th: Special event in the food court
9:45- Free gift to kids 10 and under (while supplies last)
10:00- Free puppet Show
10:30- Meet the Easter Bunny

And you can enter to win a Bunny Castle (play house), no purchase necessary!! :-)

Easter Bunny 3/13- 4/3 at the Center Court
Mon-Thur 10 AM - 8 PM
Fri-Sat 10 AM- 9 PM
Sun 12 PM - 6 PM
Link above has a coupon for Build a Bear and free picture with photo package purchase.

Lucky Phoenix People.....
March 27-April 4- Free Easter Bunny Visit and Photo
+ Free Easter Egg Hunt and Crafts on the weekends March 27, 28; April 3, 4.

If you know of any freebie local ones, let me know!!


The Great $ Store Finds...

>> March 21, 2010

As I was enjoying a bowl of ice cream last night and sharing the scoop (literally) on my latest deal from the 99 cent store with my SIL, it occurred to me that I have found some great deals at $ stores over the past few years and thought I might reminisce about the treasure hunting...

Now don't get me wrong, free or cheap with a coupon is a great game too! But there is the thrill of the hunt and surprise at what could be lurking at your local $ store!

  1. Ice Cream: Recently I have found full size (which of course is no longer 1/2 gallons) of Dryers Peppermint ice cream. (and Pumpkin flavored too). I was surprised to see it because they are generally holiday flavors that you only see around Christmas. It turns out... Peppermint is my favorite flavor of ice cream, so I snagged 3 tubs for 99 cents each. (I also grudgingly bought a pumpkin one for my husband). I was in Walmart today and noticed the same size ice cream (of course not in my beloved flavors) retails for $4.24!! Ugh! So the flavor and price were major recent scores for me!!! Also 2 summers ago I also found some a couple of good ice cream flavors at the 99 cent only store, in fact they kept it in stock for several weeks and we were stocked for the summer! DH was stoked since I tend not to buy $4-5 things of ice cream and certainly not in bulk!!

  2. Crystal Light: We drink a lot of crystal light around here, the little tubs you make yourself like koolaid. While I always watch for deals with sales and coupons at the grocery store, I love finding at the $ store. Mostly because the best I can do at the grocery stores is usually $1.99-$2.50 each. Just recently I found white grape flavored crystal lite at the 99 cent only store! We hadn't ever tried it, so I snagged a few to sample, but high tailed it back the next day with household approval to snag several more! The thing about $ stores... particularly really good deals that tend to be overstocks, products DO NOT last! Once its gone, its gone!

  3. Table Toppers: I loved these for Quinn when he started eating out in restaurants. They are disposable, stick in place place mats (packs of 10). I was buying them (6-pacls) at CVS for $3-$4 depending upon the store with my ECBS or overage on big orders. They were definitely worth it.. but I couldn't believe when I found them at the 99 cent only store a few months ago! We rarely use them now.. cause Quinn does well, but I still snagged 9 packs for #2. A great price and now we are stocked up!

  4. Circo/Target Brand baby/kids socks, sun hats, swim trunks and infant sun glasses! I often find Target/Circo brand baby products at the 99 cent only store. In fact sun hats, swim trunks and shirts with SPF in them, including designs that were STILL currently for sale at Target for $5-$7! I also liked the infant sunglasses and socks I have found there (Target brand)... all of these have worked well for Quinn and also to toss in with baby shower gifts!!

  5. Tooth Tunes Jr toothbrushes: Quinn enjoys using his power toothbrushes, as much as a 2 year old can at least. I picked up several since $0.99 is a good price, particularly when encouraging teeth brushing, which can be a battle.

  6. 1/2 Gallon Silk and 8th Continent Soy Milk: We actually 1st discovered the 99 cent only stores in Tempe almost 10 years ago when one opened up near our rental house. At the time DH was vegetarian and also drinking soy milk which can be expensive. We found the Silk and 8th Continent Soy Milks (big bottles) for $0.99 several times!

  7. Sure-Jell Fruit Pectin type stuff: My grandma actually found this at her 99 cent store.. and I am always double checking for it at my store... they sell Jello $3/1.. and also had this stuff marked 3/$1, which is crazy cheap. My grandma makes pomegranate jelly every year and uses a ton of this stuff, so she was stoked! I would love to snag a ton more for her again at some point.

  8. Freebies: Softsoap body wash and snuggle laundry sheets at Family Dollar using great coupons!

As you can see.. I actually find better "STEALS" at the 99 cent only store generally, they seem to get more "overstock" items that can be seen as great deals. Plus they sell cold/frozen items! However, I still check Dollar Tree and Family Dollar when I get a chance. Family Dollar also sells items for more than $1...so they have a different variety of stuff, however I don't think there deals are best.... unless I can pair it with a great coupon. Dollar Tree is close to our Bookmans, so I bop in there more often, but generally only pick up regular dollar store bargains.. which means snacks, cleaning brushes and plastic organizing thingies...

Now I do find consistent ok deals that I can usually count on finding fairly regularly.... (at the 99 cent only store): bagels, bagged salads, nanas, yogurt 4-6 packs, turkey hot dogs, other produce, etc.

What fabulous finds or consistent deals have you found at your $ stores?


Groupon Offer Phoenix: Cooking Class!

>> March 20, 2010

Today's Groupon Offer: 51% off a Cooking Class at Crème de la Crème.
$32 for a $65 Value. Now here is another offer I would be tempted by if it was in Tucson. I wouldn't mind taking a cooking lesson or two...


2 More AZ Blogs added!

I added to more AZ deal blogs to my list on the side. I love checking out other blogs to see what deals people are doing.... but I really love other Arizona blogs!

I added


Go AZ!!!


Still a Monopoly Loser :-)

>> March 19, 2010

This trip netted me 21 monopoly pieces at Albies! I thought for sure I would win something... and I did one lousy instant game piece for 2 more game pieces and one lousy internet win for.... 2 more game pieces.. nada else,

AND no new monopoly game pieces for my board.

UGH! Has anyone seen a big winner at their store? I know our store likes to post pictures of winners with their prizes .... someone on a previous albies post mentioned they won the Apple Touch.. which is pretty cool.

Anyway, this is my trip

Order #1
2 Milks $1.88 each
14 Yogurt $0.40 each
1 Large Cottage Cheese $2.49
1 clearanced mini cup cakes $0.99 (I am 36 weeks pregnant!!!)
bananas (hidden by the apple bag) $1.12
Apples $1.59
Pretzels $1.99
Tostitos Tortilla Chips $2.88 - $1 Peelie (right on the bag!)= $1.88
-$0.20 (4 @$0.05 bag credits, go me!)
Total $19.22 on a gift card

Order #2
2 more milks $1.88 each :-)
Total $3.76 on a gift card


Giveaways! 3/18/10

Ok here are a couple fun giveaways to enter!!

Frugal and Fabulous is giving away a fun Yoplait Gift Pack with a super cute lunch tote! Ends 3/26/10

Dealusional is also giving away the Yoplait Gift Pack! Hurry it ends 3/19/10.

Mommy Topics is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card! Ends 3/31/10

Mom Start is giving away a $25 Build a Bear Gift Certificate. I would love to try this with Quinn. He recently "discovered" the store in the mall on the way to the play area and I know now at "almost" 2 1/2 he would get a kick out of it!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! Ends 3/30/10

YS Princess is giving away a $30 gift card to Barnes & Noble! Ends 3/31

Swaggraber is also giving away another $49 in diapers.com credit, free diapers!!! Ends 3/19/10!!!

And don't forget Friday is MegaBucks Day over at Swagbucks!!

Search & Win

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