1/2 Restaurant or Services Gift Certificates for Tucson

>> March 05, 2010

I just thought I would share 2 places where you can find 1/2 gift certificates for Tucson (and possibly other areas)...

My fave one is from Citadel Broadcasting (99.5 KIIM FM, KHIT 107.5 and 97.5 BOB FM) because they sell ones to Chuy's periodically... speaking of which, they started selling some this morning, it seems Chuy's ones always go fast.. so be quick if you are interested! It is also nice that they show the upcoming deals, so you can check ahead and be ready to buy if interested...

Journal Broadcast Group (94.9 MIXFM and MEGA 106.3/104.9) also has a similar website where you can buy gift certificates for 50% off.
This link will let you search by zipcode and seems to pull up more available one from this service... (although they seem like they have the same ones from Journal as well..)

Anyone know of any others?


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