Bookmans and Twice as Nice! $0 OOP! + Earned $25!!

>> March 05, 2010

We stopped into Bookmans and Twice as Nice for no $ shopping!
I took in a stack of my magazines and received another $8.50 in bookmans credit (to add to what I already have).

I ended up splurging on a cute onsie for #2 (It says "Eat", "Poop", "Read" on the other side..) and another cute shirt for Quinn. Unfortunately this set of kids shirts only had small as the smallest.. meaning pretty big for a toddler. Luckily we still have the same shirt in off white, that should also fit him, (put away with warmer clothes). Both were $9 each (kinda pricey.. but free with trade!!)

Plus I snagged a cute look reusable total for another $3. I am not sure I really NEED it, but I guess I can keep it as the designated magazine to trade tote..

So $21 in stuff - less the 10% kids club discount, $18.90 in trade used.

Twice As Nice:
I picked up a few more maternity shirts... because most of mine are too short, earlier this week. On the bottom of the receipt was a Q for 50% off up to $7.99 item at another location... which is where we happened to end up today. I found the snuggie for kids for $6.99 (brand new)! I thought it was cute and Quinn... likes to use Daddy's redskins snuggie, so grabbed it. After my coupon.. I paid $3.50 with trade credit!!!

Kia Test Drive:
Plus I stopped in at Kia and did my $25 Sorrento Test Drive... they made me do the test drive.. but still 20 minutes of time, is totally worth it! I even made it home before the mail was picked up, so I already mailed my form off!


KM March 6, 2010 at 3:30 PM  

What is the Kid's Club 10% discount? I want in on it! :) Great job trading stuff in!

kc March 9, 2010 at 7:08 AM  

Hi Kim,

(Man you keep me on my toes with your profile name!!) :-)

They have a bright yellow flyer/application in the store by the checkout (at least my store was bright yellow) and they just asked me recently if Quinn was a member. I was aware of the program, but figured Quinn was too little.. but I guess not. Anyway, it gives them a little pencil pouch, with a pencil and bookmark, plus a 10% discount card. And they send them a $5 coupon on their birthday! Great deal!!!

Anyway, I just found this link.. on their website, but I would just ask at the store!

hth :-)

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