CVS - Sunday 2/28

>> March 01, 2010

I managed a quick trip and easy deal for some cheap diapers, luckily I had some great Qs that combined together...

(1) Box of Huggies Diapers $19.99- $4 CRT (from scanner last week) - $5 Huggies Q (from recyclebank) = $10.99
(1) Accu-Chek Aviva Meter $14.99- $10 MQ= $4.99
(1) Stacy's Pita Chips $3.29- Free MQ (was expiring and had to use it!) = free
-$5/30 Email Q (I had counted on getting this.. and I was not disappointed!!)
-$6 ECB
Total $6.39 on a gift card
Earned $5 (accu-chek) + $4(huggies)

So... since the meter was essential free after MQ and ECBS, and of course the pita chips were free.. I can "apply" the $5/30 Q entirely to my Huggies purchases, combined with the $4 RR I earned... (and i used a $6 RR).. so my net cost was $3.39 all in CVS funds, so no OOP cost for me! Not a bad deal!

I wish I could repeat the deal again.. but alas the "Perfect Storm" will not happen. My mom didn't receive a $4 CRT Huggies Q on her card last week, and I only have $2/$1.50 MQs left to use. However, if she manages to get another $5/15 at the scanner.. I might attempt it..

I also realized when I evaluating my deal last night, that I should be able to submit for a $5 rebate on the meter.... it was $14.99 less the $10 MQ... so I should still get $5 back! So really that makes this deal even better. Using this knowledge.. I might be able to swing another deal with my mom's card if she gets a good CRT to use this week! (Then she can also submit for the $5 rebate!)


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