Diaper Stockpile Update

>> March 12, 2010

Here is my updated diaper stockpile list.. added in my 9 wags packs from last week!!

Newborn: Loose/free sample ones, plus I am counting on getting a pack from the hospital. Quinn was 9 lbs.. so I am not planning on using the newborn diapers for very long.

Size 1: 1 Huggies (56 ct); 1 Walgreens (56 ct) + some loose/free sample ones

Size 1/2: Pampers (54ct)-2 packs + at least 30 loose cvs brand ones from a sample deal...

Size 2: Huggies (35 ct); Huggies (40 ct)-4 packs; Luvs (42 ct); Walgreens (48 ct)-8 packs

Size 3 Huggies (76 ct); Huggies (60 ct); Huggies (52 ct); Pampers (52 ct) and Walgreens (35 ct).

Size 4: Huggies (52 ct); Huggies (46 ct)- 2 packs; Hugges (176 ct box)

Plus I have 1 pack of 2T/3T pull ups and 2 packs of size small swimmers (actually might have some medium and large packed away too...)

Also for wipes...
I have 18 packs of the Refill wipes (184-216 wipes, about 3 tubs each)

+ 11 tubs (64-72 wipes). It's a good start, but I know we will go through a lot of wipes!!


KM March 12, 2010 at 11:21 AM  

You are incredible! I can only hope to be as prepared as you when my #2 comes along. Great work! And thanks also for posting about my Fry's give-away. I am crossing my fingers for you - I know you would be able to stretch that gift card out for months!

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