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>> March 08, 2010

Ok, so I finally got my act together and figured out my diaper stockpile situation for #2 (some of it pictured above... not really organized yet, stored under the crib.)

Newborn: Loose/free sample ones, plus I am counting on getting a pack from the hospital. Quinn was 9 lbs.. so I am not planning on using the newborn diapers for very long.

Size 1: 1 Huggies (56 ct) + some loose/free sample ones

Size 1/2: Pampers (54ct)-2 packs + at least 30 loose cvs brand ones from a sample deal...

Size 2: Huggies (35 ct), Huggies (40 ct)- 4 packs, Luvs (42 ct)

Size 3 Huggies (76 ct), Huggies (60 ct), Huggies (52 ct), Pampers (52 ct) and Walgreens (35 ct).

Size 4: Huggies (52 ct), Huggies (46 ct)- 2 packs, Hugges (176 ct box)

Plus I have 1 pack of 2T/3T pull ups and 2 packs of size small swimmers (actually might have some medium and large packed away too...)

So... not too bad. I think if anything I need some more size 2 diapers.
Also for wipes...
I have 18 packs of the Refill wipes (184-216 wipes, about 3 tubs each)

+ 11 tubs (64-72 wipes). It's a good start, but I know we will go through a lot of wipes!!


Amiyrah March 8, 2010 at 10:18 PM  

just looking at that makes me feel like a preggo-slacker lol. I feel so behind in stockpiling, even though I do have about 10 packs and one box stockpiled. I'm waiting on a good wipes deal, as I have none of those.

You are so kicking butt! How far along are you?

kc March 9, 2010 at 7:35 AM  

Hi Amiyrah!

I actually lucked into that CVS huggies refill price mistake a few weeks ago. I only had the tubs before that (and a couple of the refill packs), and those were ones I had saved from Quinn, I have him using the toddler wipes since I have quite a few of those stockpiled.

I am hoping to get some more wipes though, because I know we will go through a lot of those!

I am 35 weeks today!!! UGH I am so ready!!! My back is fried everyday because the 100 lb bowling ball on my stomach! :-)
And only a few shirts are long enough to cover the entire belly now... totally sucks.

We have made some really good progress in the nursery again in the past few days though!

Are you into the nice 2nd semester yet? I saw you are doing an online baby shower at Swaggrabber, cute idea!

Amiyrah March 9, 2010 at 1:25 PM  

Yes, I am 20 weeks, and finding out what the baby is tomorrow :o). So, I'm halfway there! Everything will be downhill after tomrorow, because we can go out and get the car seat to fit the gender, finally order the furniture that will go in the kid's room, tell the in-laws so they can start buying all the baby clothes they are dying to get, etc lol.

Now that I know you're 35 weeks, I can put that stockpile into perspective lol. So I have about 15 weeks to get that stocked up...sound doable lol!

Good luck! I bet you will be looking at that little one before you know it, especially if your shirts don't fit now lmao! Good Luck!

Crockett March 9, 2010 at 7:42 PM  

That is an awesome stockpile! I hate having to run to the store to get diapers or wipes because we only have a few left. You won't even have to worry about that for who knows how long!

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