Disneyland 2010 Planning: $1500+????

>> March 14, 2010

Ok, so here is my 1st post on our tentative trip for Christmas 2010. We plan on going during the week after thanksgiving, so all the xmas deco is up, but kids are in school (not mine), so less crowded.


I snagged a reservation at the HOJO (our fave, beyond of course spending tons of money and staying on site) for their new Kids Suites, which are 2 rooms and available for $99 a night (+15% tax) with the entertainment rate. Currently the entertainment rate is only available for 4 nights (check in Monday and check out Friday), I am hoping to add one more night on either end at the entertainment rate... so I will plan on a 5 night entertainment rate stay, at ~$575.


We will be driving, so this is just gas for us... however we do now have an explorer which will cost us more to get there than past trips. I am doing a quick, conservative estimate of $20o for gas...


Again a quick estimate.. 4 days in the park, lunch, dinner and light snack $75 for all of us each day, Plus some meals on the road, so I am going to say $350 for right now. We still use our Disney Visa card (although that might change at some point) so we are accruing disney money that we can use in the park to eat.


Looks like 4 day hoppers can be purchased for a slight discount (I check mousesavers.com for current offers) for 2 adults + 1 kid ~$550!


So far... we are at $1675... which is a lot higher than I had originally though.. but we did have annual passes last time, meaning the prior trip hosted most of the ticket costs, we drove the mazda, meaning better gas mileage and of course our hotel (when staying at the hojo in the regular rooms) would be ~150 less... so I guess this estimate makes sense so far.

How are we going to pay for this??? My current thoughts are put all of my rebate money, plus an "extra" money towards this.. although we are saving for a big Home Improvement project too.. so we may not be able to use all of our "extra" funds towards a trip. However, I will designate all rebate money towards it. At this point, we aren't committed the trip, we only snagged a reservation at the great entertainment rate, it can be cancelled 48 h ours in advanced. So we have about 8 months to save.. and if not, we could also push the trip back (UGH!).

Also the disney dollars are already designated for the trip, although I think we only have $75 right now. Maybe I can work some gas gift card deals too.. .that would help with gas costs.. we will see.

Check out the previous post to see links to all my past blogs about travel and disneyland. :-)


Teresa March 14, 2010 at 7:41 PM  

Hi Kc
I am signed up through different companies to do focus groups. I looked into the 3 I do and its all metro phoenix but maybe your area has something?


Precious March 15, 2010 at 1:32 PM  

Hi KC,

I beleive your budget is very reasonable. You are SO GOOD at racking up Gift Cards using Catalinas that there is no doubt in my mind that you could get some gasoline ones and some Visa ones to help pay for food and hotel.
Good Luck!

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