Frugal Ramblings: 3 AM Edition

>> March 25, 2010

You would think that I would have TONS of more time to blog right now... given that I am getting NOTHING done around the house and very few errands accomplished. However at 37 weeks, I am happy with ANY accomplishments even if its the house not getting worse. I am so ready.... uncomfortable, not sleeping well, now not eating good... ugh, seriously lets move forward!!!
Anyway... I have seriously started several "Frugal Ramblings" posts, but never get them finished enough to post before they are out dated.
So what have I done lately??

Well I just spent 4 minutes working on Mypoints, mindlessly clicking emails from the past 10 days. I just search Mypoints in my gmail account, and then start clicking. Not too hard for ~100 points. Speaking of Mypoints, I was also checking out the rewards....I have 3410 points right now and was debating what to spend them on... It is enough or almost enough for a $25 gift card to several places... I want to be super frugal and get the best points/dollar ratio, but... I also want to be practical about what I pick.
Here are some choices...

Banana Republic/Gap- $25: 3350 points
Bath and Body Works- $25: 3350 points

Chili's-On The Border-Maggiano's - Romano's Macaroni Grill- $25: 3550 points

Old Navy- $25: 3550 points

Kohls- $25: 3600 points

CVS- $25: 3700 points

Subway- $25: 3700 points

Walgreens- $25: 3750 points

Shell- $25: 3850 points

Target/Walmart- $25: 3900 points

I want to only spend 3350 points... but while I COULD use the gift cards available at that "price" they aren't as practical as say an Old Navy gift card which has better kids clothes deals + coupons often available. Plus Kohls could easily be doubled to $50 worth of stuff... waiting around for a $10/20 peelie Q that seems to pop up in AZ periodically (like this week!). CVS and Wags cards could be stretched really far.. although I have plenty of CVS funds right now.. so WAGS would be better.. of course it is also 50 points higher than CVS. And then Target and Walmart are both nice options because they sell many different items....

I am thinking Walgreens at this point, because the $25 could be stretched REALLY far with a good register reward deal and this would cover the OOP costs... Sometimes a "decent" money maker pops up like $2-4 dollars per item... but with some OOP costs and $0 wag funds left, I pass up the deal.


It goes without saying... anytime I pop online, I need to search something I almost always try Swagbucks searching before google... which pays off every few weeks with enough Swagbucks for a $5 amazon gift card. A very nice freebie and I am building them up for christmas again (and of course any AMAZING cheap deals that come up before then!)

I did finish up my baby shower thank you notes! I used the ones I snagged at Hallmark for a GREAT price a few months ago!


I plan on doing a few errands tomorrow.. or I should say today, assuming I manage to sleep here pretty quickly, so that I am not too tired in the morning. Including checking out the ToysRUs B1G1 Little Tykes Sale (up to $29.99). My mom mentioned this super cute Grill set for $29.99 that I want to check out and I had been eyeing a swing thingie like this for the freebie swing set we were given last year.. to replace the hanging bar thing that is way too tall/old for Quinn....

We might stop in at Twice as Nice as well.. they are starting their B1G1 fastener sale tomorrow (last week of every month), but I also received this email for a free 'orange' fastener item up to $12.99 as a gift.... good tomorrow only. If you want a copy... click here to forward the email to yourself! It's good in Phoenix, Tucson and Sierra Vista!

I am working on my list of grocery deals for this week... trying to keep it to stuff that I really need or deals I can't miss.. but its hard, I am so ambitious each week and more than 1/2 the time I can't get it done right now. Kim @ Arizona Savings...highlighted some of her favorite deals here... Plus of course do not forget about PinchingYourPennies.. which is always my first stop after checking out the grocery ads. They are awesome over there!!!

Lastly, I received an awesome package yesterday... from MyBlogSpark, Betty Crocker and Safeway... look for a great giveaway in the next few days!!!


KM March 25, 2010 at 8:24 AM  

I'm sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable - I remember feeling like a whale during those last few weeks of pregnancy - IN AUGUST! You are smart to have your due date in the spring time before it gets ridiculously hot. I won't do that again. :) Thanks for posting about my weekly deals and I can't wait for your giveaway!

kc March 25, 2010 at 8:39 AM  

Hi Kim,

Yeah... actually Quinn was born in September... so I did the summer way too... and it was warm. Although I run cold, so it probably wasn't as bad for me. What sucked is that there wasn't much overlap in my maternity clothes this time around... because of the difference in seasons. I did ok with some old navy deals, but man I CAN't WAIT to dump my maternity clothes.

I hope I manage to snag some of the deals this week.. there are some pretty good ones!!

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