Frugal Ramblings: Toy Story Edition

>> March 25, 2010

So I thought I might take a few moments to blog while we sit here enjoying our new Toy Story DVD.... This is the first disney movie Quinn has sat down and really watched... we have put on Monsters Inc in the past few months, but he wasn't that into it at the time.. some parts were fun. for him, but he ignored others. Anyway, we have been watching about half an hour... and he has barely taken his eyes off the DVD. He has a Buzz Light Year toy, so I think that helps...

Anyway, peter and I are also watching it because we haven't seen it since it was first release many years ago.. although Peter is claiming to have never seen it.

Anyway, we hit Toys R Us today for 2 great deals for this week. I snagged Toy Story 1 & 2 DVD/Blue Ray Combo packs for $16.73 total with tax!!! Basically if you buy both you get them for 16.99 each and then I had $10 IPQs from my disney rewards account to use on each one! Plus I had BabiesRUs credit to use.. so it actually cost me $0 OOP!! And each movie came with a Toy Story 3 movie pass to use in the theater this summer.

Summary: Both movies on DVD and BlueRay with 2 movie tickets for $16.73!!! I am not sure we will use the movie passes, so if we can't use them for another movie, then I will trade them for something else useful... not a bad deal overall!

In addition, Grandma spoiled Quinn today... she went ahead and did the B1G1 Little Tykes Deal with the swing and grill. She had seen the grill in the Frys MarketPlace ad for $29.99 this weekend and mentioned it to me... so I let her in on the better sale at toys r us, same price for the grill, but part of the B1G1 Little Tykes (up to $29.99) sale. So she was able to snag the grill + the disk thing for the swing set for the same price!!! She paid $32.xx for both items!! I am stoked about the swing disk since I had wanted another thing for the swing set. Plus the grill will be moved to an outside toy in his play yard once daddy puts up the shade sails. Quinn got quite the upgrade for outside toys today!!

Anyway, we stopped in to Twice as Nice to see if we could snag something cool with the email coupon, but Quinn was pretty excited to get home and play with his grill, so he didn't let us look for very long. I also stopped into BigLots to check out their Crocs selection, on sale for $10.. but the ones they had didn't work for us.

I made Taco Soup for Dinner tonight... We had everything on hand and it turned out great again! It is such an easy recipe!

I did spend some time filling out a couple rebates this morning, which I mailed with my thank you notes today! Plus I did a few e-rewards surveys, actually, I didn't qualify for the few I tried, but I still earned a little bit of money for attempting it. Often they only take "so" many people that fit certain criteria and since I am not always prompt at attempting the surveys, I get disqualified easily. Anyway, its just a reminder to take surveys more timely if I want the full credit!

Anyway, that is all for now.. I better publish this or it won't ever get done. :-)


Renee Richins March 25, 2010 at 11:45 PM  

I still need to get out and get those. I did the preorder deal at Toy's R Us last week, so hopefully that means I'll get Toy Story with no problems tomorrow.

kc March 27, 2010 at 4:44 PM  

I hope you managed to snag them!! We have watched toy story one a couple times now... Quinn keeps asking for "woody" which is funny because the only character he knew before was Buzz because of a toy he has! :-)

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