Frys: Finally made it over for the Buy 8 Save $4 event!

>> March 29, 2010

Order #1
3 12 packs coke $2.47 (wyb 8)
16 Delmonte Tomatoes $0.49 (wyb 8) each- $1/4 MQ = $0.24 each
2 Pam Sprays $1.99 (wyb 8) - 1 MQs= $0.99 each
2 Bumble Bee Tuna (my mom already took them) $0.49 (wyb 8) - $0.55/1 MQ= $0.50 overage each
3 Dial Soaps $1.50(wyb 8) - $0.35 MQ= $0.50 each (BOUGHT THE WRONG KIND)
6 Scotch Brite Sponges $0.50 each (wyb 8) - $0.75/2 MQs= free
3 BC Potatoes (my mom already took them) $1.29- (2) $0.25 MQ- $0.80 eQs = $1.07 for all 3
1 Sunny D $1 - $0.25 MQ= free (only one left in the store)
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $2.99- free eQ (Hit the Hoops game)= free
King Size Reeses $1 - free eQ(Hit the Hoops game) = free
-$5/1 eQ (Hit the Hoops game)
Total $9.80 OOP
Earned $3 OYNO for BC potatoes.

So... the Hit the Hoops game on frys website.. is a little screwy.. I won (2) $5 credits on the 1st 2 days I played.. right when it started. Super lucky... I had trouble loading the 2nd win and waited about a week for them to fix it. Which they eventually did.. but after they did.. I still had 2 more wins loaded to my account, the hotdogs and reeses... .shows up on my score board. So today, I thought I would try and see if I really won those also... and apparently I did... since they were free.. so while I thought I might get those also. I had no clue that ANOTHER $5 eQ would come off.. not sure what the deal with that is... crazy weird!!!

Order #2
4 Scotch Brite Sponges $0.50 - $0.75/2 MQ= free
2 Motts Apple Juice $0.99 each
4 Delmonte Tomatoes $0.49 each - $1/4 MQ= $0.24 each
3 Dial Soaps $1.50 - $0.35 MQ= $0.50 each (wrong ones)
3 Bumble Bee Tuna $0.49 - $0.55/1 MQ= $0.50 overage each
3 BC Potatoes $1.29- $0.25 MQ= $0.29 each
- $3 OYNO (from 1st order)
Total $1.81 OOP

Looks like they might have missed one Q... a BC one.. my total should have paid $0.81.. oh well. Earned another $3 OYNO Q (BC potatoes).. I do plan on going back and exchanging my dial soaps).. so I should get another $3 back for both orders.. so really my OOP cost for both orders will be under $9!


KM March 29, 2010 at 10:54 PM  

Good work today- you were busy! I always forget about the dollar stores, but it seems like you always come home with treasures. I am not surprised you got the wrong Dial soap. None of the soap in my store was marked. I had to have each kind price checked- I'm sure they'll give you the difference back. You need to put your feet up after that run and eat some clearanced pumpkin ice cream from the dollar store! You earned it!

Bobbi March 29, 2010 at 11:11 PM  

Hi KC,
You must be lucky because when I log into the hoop game, it says only 2 wins per card! Maybe I should try with my husbands. I also hit Fry's today and really scored on the Tuna fish. I bought 13 packs and got 3 catalinas to purchase more, so I went back and got more and then more catalinas printed and I made a 3rd round!
Love reading your blog, thanks for all your work! :)

kc March 30, 2010 at 3:55 AM  

Hi Kim,

Actually.. it would be the peppermint icecream... Pumpkin is Yuck! :-) (Which is why I bought more peppermint vs. pumpkin!) :-) I lucked into the bread deal, which we needed anyway, so that was nice! I meant to grab the ad while shopping to get the right kind of dial soap, but I was trying to hurry and do 2 orders at once with my mom and quinn in tow! I hate going back, but plan on picking up some little bites frosted mini wheats anyway, so at least it won't be a 'wasted' trip!

kc March 30, 2010 at 3:58 AM  

Hi Bobbi,

My account says limit 2 prizes too. but that is new... it didnt' say that when I first started playing and there were definitely glitches (like how it wouldn't load my 2nd $5 win after I won it)... so I am guessing the extra slipped through the cracks when they updated their system. However, the extra $5 (3rd one) is a complete mystery to me!

The tuna is a great moneymaker! I got a few cats today too, which make them super cheap. I am not sure I will snag more or not though, since I have a good amount right now in my pantry and my husband will not eat it. :-)

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