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>> March 21, 2010

As I was enjoying a bowl of ice cream last night and sharing the scoop (literally) on my latest deal from the 99 cent store with my SIL, it occurred to me that I have found some great deals at $ stores over the past few years and thought I might reminisce about the treasure hunting...

Now don't get me wrong, free or cheap with a coupon is a great game too! But there is the thrill of the hunt and surprise at what could be lurking at your local $ store!

  1. Ice Cream: Recently I have found full size (which of course is no longer 1/2 gallons) of Dryers Peppermint ice cream. (and Pumpkin flavored too). I was surprised to see it because they are generally holiday flavors that you only see around Christmas. It turns out... Peppermint is my favorite flavor of ice cream, so I snagged 3 tubs for 99 cents each. (I also grudgingly bought a pumpkin one for my husband). I was in Walmart today and noticed the same size ice cream (of course not in my beloved flavors) retails for $4.24!! Ugh! So the flavor and price were major recent scores for me!!! Also 2 summers ago I also found some a couple of good ice cream flavors at the 99 cent only store, in fact they kept it in stock for several weeks and we were stocked for the summer! DH was stoked since I tend not to buy $4-5 things of ice cream and certainly not in bulk!!

  2. Crystal Light: We drink a lot of crystal light around here, the little tubs you make yourself like koolaid. While I always watch for deals with sales and coupons at the grocery store, I love finding at the $ store. Mostly because the best I can do at the grocery stores is usually $1.99-$2.50 each. Just recently I found white grape flavored crystal lite at the 99 cent only store! We hadn't ever tried it, so I snagged a few to sample, but high tailed it back the next day with household approval to snag several more! The thing about $ stores... particularly really good deals that tend to be overstocks, products DO NOT last! Once its gone, its gone!

  3. Table Toppers: I loved these for Quinn when he started eating out in restaurants. They are disposable, stick in place place mats (packs of 10). I was buying them (6-pacls) at CVS for $3-$4 depending upon the store with my ECBS or overage on big orders. They were definitely worth it.. but I couldn't believe when I found them at the 99 cent only store a few months ago! We rarely use them now.. cause Quinn does well, but I still snagged 9 packs for #2. A great price and now we are stocked up!

  4. Circo/Target Brand baby/kids socks, sun hats, swim trunks and infant sun glasses! I often find Target/Circo brand baby products at the 99 cent only store. In fact sun hats, swim trunks and shirts with SPF in them, including designs that were STILL currently for sale at Target for $5-$7! I also liked the infant sunglasses and socks I have found there (Target brand)... all of these have worked well for Quinn and also to toss in with baby shower gifts!!

  5. Tooth Tunes Jr toothbrushes: Quinn enjoys using his power toothbrushes, as much as a 2 year old can at least. I picked up several since $0.99 is a good price, particularly when encouraging teeth brushing, which can be a battle.

  6. 1/2 Gallon Silk and 8th Continent Soy Milk: We actually 1st discovered the 99 cent only stores in Tempe almost 10 years ago when one opened up near our rental house. At the time DH was vegetarian and also drinking soy milk which can be expensive. We found the Silk and 8th Continent Soy Milks (big bottles) for $0.99 several times!

  7. Sure-Jell Fruit Pectin type stuff: My grandma actually found this at her 99 cent store.. and I am always double checking for it at my store... they sell Jello $3/1.. and also had this stuff marked 3/$1, which is crazy cheap. My grandma makes pomegranate jelly every year and uses a ton of this stuff, so she was stoked! I would love to snag a ton more for her again at some point.

  8. Freebies: Softsoap body wash and snuggle laundry sheets at Family Dollar using great coupons!

As you can see.. I actually find better "STEALS" at the 99 cent only store generally, they seem to get more "overstock" items that can be seen as great deals. Plus they sell cold/frozen items! However, I still check Dollar Tree and Family Dollar when I get a chance. Family Dollar also sells items for more than $ they have a different variety of stuff, however I don't think there deals are best.... unless I can pair it with a great coupon. Dollar Tree is close to our Bookmans, so I bop in there more often, but generally only pick up regular dollar store bargains.. which means snacks, cleaning brushes and plastic organizing thingies...

Now I do find consistent ok deals that I can usually count on finding fairly regularly.... (at the 99 cent only store): bagels, bagged salads, nanas, yogurt 4-6 packs, turkey hot dogs, other produce, etc.

What fabulous finds or consistent deals have you found at your $ stores?


Renee Richins March 22, 2010 at 10:20 PM  

I can't remember if I've actually been to the 99 cent store yet, but your posts always make me anxious to visit one. I like the Dollar Tree. I purchased a bunch of party stuff for my daughter's birthday party last year for really cheap. They even sell helium filled balloons. I'll let you know if I find anything fun.

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