Robot Bucket anyone? My other Saturday Stops..

>> March 28, 2010

So I actually hit up Target, Alberstsons and CVS, in addition to Safeway yesterday afternoon.... I just didn't have time to post about it last night.

Did I mention we are doing Robots for the nursery?? :-) I randomly saw that Target had a cute little felt ROBOT easter basket for $1.99!! It is super cute, although not super sturdy as an actual easter basket, it will be perfect up on a shelf for some cute storage. And I will attempt to find it after easter to do a price adjustment and make it EVEN cheaper. :-)

Plus I snagged 4 more solar lights for $1 each with the $2 Target Qs and one pillow $2.54- $1.50 Q= $1.04! It's for Quinn, he was using one of our old pillows, so now he has a nice new one!

Total $7.60 on a gift card!

At Albertsons... I wanted to use my rain check for the $1 turkey chubs (93% fat free!!), plus we NEEDED soda and are almost always on the verge of needing milk! The swiss tea was a freebie
win from the monopoly game, would not normally buy it... we will see what Peter thinks of it.. I can't stand sweet tea!

10 Turkey Chubs $1 each (with rain check)
2 gallons milks $2.08 each
4 Diet Pepsi $2.50 each
1 Swiss Tea $2.50- free Q
-(1) Bag credit $0.05 (ugh... they used 3 bags... shorted me $0.10! I was so proud I remembered to bring them in though!)
Total $24.11 on a gift card!

Plus I turned in 2 more "2 extra monopoly game piece" wins, so I received a total of 12 monopoly pieces for this order.

CVS.. a quick stop at CVS to snag the meters for the $5 ECB Plus I scanned our cards and both of us (me and mom) received the $2/10 Baby CRT, which will be awesome for the diaper deal this week! I just need to decide on sizes.....

Order #1
1 Bayer Meter $14.99- free mQ= free
2 Jelly beans $0.77 each
Total $1.54 on a gift card and earned $5 ECB

Order #2
1 Bayer Meter $14.99 - free MQ= free
Total $0 OOP! No tax... weird.... usually we are taxed on pre coupon prices, not sure what happened.


Evers' Family Farm March 28, 2010 at 6:39 PM  

Hey KC -

Weird request here - I bought soalr light @ Target but my DH swears there should be a "stake" that attachs to bottom. Wondering if I pulled it out of box and bottom came off? Could you check yours and let me know, so I know if I need to "return" to Target.

Thanks! Melissa

kc March 28, 2010 at 7:55 PM  

Hi Melissa,
The very bottom part unscrews.. pulls out and then there is the stake.. so you can stick it back in, in side out.. does that make sense??


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