Speaking of Walgreens ~ $5.96 profit on 3 runs!!

>> March 29, 2010

There are reports that the DOVE is now NOT rolling anymore...

The Dove Register Reward is currently rolling... it was reported online yesterday, although I didn't get a chance to try it until today. I am hoping I can get out again tonight and do a few more runs with it rolling! It makes my orders so much easier.. as long as it's rolling I will be focusing on dove, and building up my extra RR!

Order #1
1 Dove Shampoo $4 - $2 IP= $2
7 Reese's Dark Chocolate cups $0.39 (ad Q)- $0.55 MQ= $0.16 overage on each one!!
Total $1.12 OOP, and earned the $4 RR (dove)

Order #2
1 Dove Shampoo $4- $1.50 MQ= $2.50
1 Dentek Floss $2-$1 MQ= $1
1 Green Giant Corn $0.59 (with ad Q)
-$4 RR
Total $0.46 OOP, and earned the $4 RR (dove), and $2 (dentek)!

Order #3
Same as Order #2!

So I spent $2.04 OOP (no wags gift card right now..) and still have $4 RR, and (2) $2 RR left to spend!!

Plus of course I have 3 Dove products, 2 flosses and 2 cans of corn.. and yummy chocolate (YES one is already missing from the picture!!)

I can keep repeating the last 2 transactions with any $0.50+ filler, until I run out of Dove and Dentek Qs. I will have to see how many Qs I have left...There are some exactly $0.50 sale items in the ad, salt, baking powder, etc.. but I can only use so much salt and baking powder, the veggies are a good alternative for only $0.09 more!

Thanks to CB at slickdeals for sharing her plans last night.... helped me get started today with little OOP!!!

And don't forget.. to check with your local walgreens to see if they will be offering Easter Bunny Photos!!


Becky March 29, 2010 at 3:51 PM  

Oh wow I didn't know the Dove was rolling! Thanks! Did you know about the dulcolax deal? Its $10 with a $4 coupon and then a $10 RR!! $4 MM!!!

kc March 29, 2010 at 6:14 PM  

Hi Becky,

I do plan on snagging a few.. gonna check with my doc tomorrow to make sure it's ok to start taking it. I am SO due to give birth and I am wanting to prevent any "issues" after I give birth... so hopefully I can just start on that stuff and it will help! I plan on rolling dove until I run out of Qs or it stops rolling and then work on the other good deals, like the ducolax! Plus some of the free after RR mens/women's vitamins! Thanks reminding me though, you never know how spacey I can get!!

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