St. Patricks Day Meal!

>> March 17, 2010

So clearly posting this now.. its a bit late to help anyone, but I want to document our meal for next year... so maybe this will help someone else, besides me for St. Patrick's Day 2011!

We had such a disappointing experience last year eating out, it was expensive.. and the service was yucky, that we decided to make our our corned beef this year. Luckily, Peter remembered my mom had made a Corned Beef Dinner at some point last year. I had been searching all the crockpot corned beef recipes for a good one, but was overwhelmed.. now I just had to talk to my mom! She is the Queen of easy roasts, which is exactly how she made her corned beef. Since I have made a few roasts, in the crockpot, I had a little head start and then I just nagged her to confirm the details.. which again, is so simple. I am just not much of a cook.. so can be paranoid about doing it right...

As you can see above it turned out great... We had plenty for 4 adults + Quinn and a lunch for Peter. The corned beef had some fatty parts, so Peter ended up throwing some out while he was making his leftover lunch, but we have even more veggies left than we will probably eat.

4.15 ish lbs of Corned Beef $5.36
2 bags of baby carrots $0.88 each
7 red potatoes $2.58
2 yellow onions $1.24
1 head of cabbage $0.57

+ 2 Grand Jrs. Biscuits $0.49 each

Total $12.49

The prep was easy... just peel and half the potatoes and onions. And I just took off the top layer of the cabbage and quartered it... leaving the core on to help keep the pieces together when it was cooked (something I read about while researching various recipes).

Then I placed the corned beef in the crock pot with potatoes, onions and most of the carrots ( I couldn't fit them all in). I put 2 cups of water in and added the seasoning packet that came with the beef. No other seasoning was necessary. I then had it on low/high for about 8 hours. I basically played with the temperature a bit because I think 10 hours on low would be good... but I didn't have 10 hours and didn't want to cook it 8 hours on high either.

After 6 hours I pulled out the potatoes and carrots (I had checked them a few times, waiting for them to be ready). Then I had room to add the rest of the carrots (which I had pre cooked in the microwave covered in water for about 5 minutes to make sure they would be cooked all the way even though they weren't in the crockpot as long..) and the cabbage. The cooked potatoes and carrots were put into the fridge until later. 2 hours later (on high the whole time), the rest of the carrots and cabbage were perfect. We heated up the potatoes and carrots from the fridge in the microwave and cooked our grands biscuits....

Super easy and cheap. I think the "special" last year was $8.99 a plate (very similar to what we had.. I am not sure it included carrots though) with no chance for left overs... + tax and tip... We fed 4 adults + a toddler and lunch for less than 1 1/2 of what we paid for last years meal!!!!


Precious March 18, 2010 at 1:29 AM  

YUM! I did mine in the crockpot also but last week. We had Guinness Irish Beef Stew at my son's and DIL's last night. It was so good and so healthy!

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