Still a Monopoly Loser :-)

>> March 19, 2010

This trip netted me 21 monopoly pieces at Albies! I thought for sure I would win something... and I did one lousy instant game piece for 2 more game pieces and one lousy internet win for.... 2 more game pieces.. nada else,

AND no new monopoly game pieces for my board.

UGH! Has anyone seen a big winner at their store? I know our store likes to post pictures of winners with their prizes .... someone on a previous albies post mentioned they won the Apple Touch.. which is pretty cool.

Anyway, this is my trip

Order #1
2 Milks $1.88 each
14 Yogurt $0.40 each
1 Large Cottage Cheese $2.49
1 clearanced mini cup cakes $0.99 (I am 36 weeks pregnant!!!)
bananas (hidden by the apple bag) $1.12
Apples $1.59
Pretzels $1.99
Tostitos Tortilla Chips $2.88 - $1 Peelie (right on the bag!)= $1.88
-$0.20 (4 @$0.05 bag credits, go me!)
Total $19.22 on a gift card

Order #2
2 more milks $1.88 each :-)
Total $3.76 on a gift card


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