Success at Albies! 3/1

>> March 01, 2010

We ran out for a few errands this morning... I spent $6 at 99 cent only store on bagels, nanas and blow pops (yum!).. then after a quick stop at walgreens, I ran into Albies for the cheap lean turkey!

Quinn had a blast.. hopping and jumping all the way into the store. Then we grabbed the last 3 turkey packages (forgot to snag a rain check) and also 2 bags of mini bagels from the marked down bakery cart. 99 cents each isn't bad and Quinn has been such a "bagel fiend" lately, these will go well in the freezer for emergencies when I run out of regular bagels (like today).

The biggest success for me was actually bringing in a reusable grocery bag with me.. We have quite a stash of plastic bags right now, so I keep meaning to take advantage of the $0.05 discount most stores give for using your own bag. I remembered today!!!

3 lbs lean turkey $1 each
2 bags of mini bagels $0.99 each
-0.05 (bag credit)
Total $4.93 on a gift card.

I also earned (1) lousy monopoly game piece, plus snagged 2 bonus ones using an Internet win from my dad's purchases yesterday.

I need to make sure I get back over tomorrow to load up on my lean turkey (the chubs should freeze well, without any extra work from me, which I love) or at least grab a good raincheck!!

Then of course Quinn got to visit "Bob" (Bob the builder ride thingy) and a cookie from the bakery, so he had fun too!


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