Target: Friday 3/5

>> March 05, 2010

We stopped into Target today and I snagged a few deals
5 Nutrigrain Bars $2.50 each - $1/2 Qs = $2.10 each
3 Fruit Chillers $2.04 each - $1 IPs= $1.04 each (thought we would try these)
4 Buddy Bars $0.97 each - $1 MQ/IPs= $0.03 overage each

Total $12.81 on a gift card
Plus earned $5 gift card for buying the 5 nutrigrain bars...

The nutrigrain bars are an awesome middle of the night snack for me with a big glass of milk, easy to grab and eat when I am up sleepless....(most nights at this point)... so I decided I need to splurge. After the gift card it works out to only $1.10 a box, which isn't bad. And I am down to my last few from our Costco box.


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