Thursday Errands: Target & Walgreens

>> March 04, 2010

6 Purex BOGO Sale - BOGO MQs= free
1 Wags tylenol $1.49
Total $3.07 on a gift card.

Not a bad deal.... less $0.48 each in tax for the Purex.. I can't pass up free (except tax) laundry soap!
And I needed the tylenol type stuff being pregnant, I can only take tylenol and DH always only takes tylenol anyway... (I can't wait until I can't take other things.. my aching back can't either!!!)

Order #1
Easter Leap Frog Tag Junior Book $4.99- $2 MQ= $2.99
1 Glade Candle $1.66- $1.50 MQ = $0.16
Total $3.69 on a gift card.

Order #2
3 Glade Candles $1.66- $1.50 MQ= $0.16 each
Total $0.88 on a gift card.

I separated my glade purchases to do on the $5 SCJohnson Rebate, limit 3 per household, but each one has to be mailed separately.

We also stopped at Bashas and I found the $10 Visa P&G rebate forms!!! Yeah!!

Oh and I picked up 3 maternity shirts at Twice as nice... I really didn't want to buy anymore, but my belly is huge and most of my stuff just isn't cutting it... I mean who wants to see any portion of a HUGE preggo belly hanging out of a shirt?? I mean and I can't even tell really when it does... UGH!


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