Tuesday Shopping: Frys & 99 Cent Only Store

>> March 09, 2010

We stopped into frys to finally get a few of this weeks deals (since the ad changes tomorrow). I also had a RX transferred over, so they put $25 on my frys card (used the CVS Q from a few weeks ago).

Order #1
2 bags of kroger chicken breasts $4.47 each - $1.50 (frys home mailer Q good on any frozen products $7.50+) = $3.72 each (so $1.24 a lb!)
1 Prevacid 42 ct $25.99- $10 eQ- $10 Catalina= $5.99
1 24 ct tylenol - free frys Q= free
1 dial soap - free frys Q= free
4 Pillsbury Pizza Crusts $0.88 each- $0.35 MQs (she only let 3 double), but I had a $0.40 EQ that made up for the last one she didn't double... = $0.18 (for 3) and $0.13 for the 4th one (with the EQ)
1 6ct bagels bakery mark down= $1.29
2 packs hamburger buns $1.50 each
- $5 off (instant win from the HIT THE HOOPS game here)
-$25 Pharmacy RX rewards
Tax was $1.98 (free Tylenol, free dial and prevacid tax really added up here!)
Total -$9.63, Yup.. they paid me cash back! and it says I saved 116%!!!
Plus I earned $1.00 OYNO (for the 4 pizza crusts). I also got a $10/30 office max ink/toner Q and another $10 prevacid Q and $2 Listerine Q!!

Plus I am sending in for the Prevacid Rebate.. not sure what I will get back.. its a Try Me Free Offer less the $4 Q attached to it.. not that I used that Q, since I had a $10 one... but I figure worst case I am due $5.99, but may get more depending upon if they just deduct $4 automatically from the purchase price for everyone.. we will see!

Order #2
4 Pillsbury Pizza Crusts $0.88 each - $0.35 MQs (and she suppressed the 4th one from doubling)..
$1.07 OOP, but earned $1.00 OYNO Q!

My mom bought the other 4 pizza crusts on her order.. using the $0.35 MQ, which the cashier allowed all to double.. so she only paid $0.72 and earned the $1 OYNO (she kept that)... and I got the free pizza crusts!

Found a couple good buys at the 99 cent only.. plus some ok ones...
5 Crystal Lights- White Grape Flavor! - hope its good.. 99 cent is a great price for crystal light canisters
1 Pumpkin Ice Cream - hidden well for a special treat for Peter at some point
1 -6 pack of roma tomatoes
2 bags of chips
bag of red pears
2 packs of mini peppers
2 bags (4 pack) of bagels.
Total $14 OOP


SOINSPIRED March 13, 2010 at 11:52 AM  

You are lucky on that game. I won a Reeces the first time and haven't won since. You must have the "touch".

kc March 13, 2010 at 12:03 PM  

I have a friend that says I have lucky "monkey minions" doing my work. :-) I won those the 1st two days i played, I think before too many other people were playing, so the odds were better! I did have some trouble getting the 2nd $5 applied to my account, had to email customer service twice about it, but it finally showed up!

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