Walgreens Diaper Deals 4 Me!

>> March 09, 2010

I managed to snag 18 packs of pullups/diapers for a total cost of $18.06 OOP! $1 a pack!!!!

I basically bought 3 Huggies Pull Ups, at $2.89 or $3.19 a piece less $2 MQ/IPs (except for one $1.50 Q)... then earned a $5 RR. Then I spent the $5 RR on Walgreens Diapers in groups of 3 (cause they were priced at $2.29 each).

I have checked all reasonable stores near me But 1... but it's not super close, only reasonably close so I may not get up there anytime soon..

Anyway, some stores had the diapers marked and others didn't. All stores had the Huggies Pull UPs - COOL ALERT clearanced out... if it was marked clearance, then they had less if any available. I only found newborn, size 1 and size 2 WAGS diapers clearanced. I bought every single pull up package (boys) that I found... but did leave some Wags diapers behind.

I am stoked on the Pull Ups finds, because that is what we are short on for Quinn. Some are 3T/4T and some are the bigger 4T/5T. Then I decided size 2 seemed to be the best bet for stocking up for Quinn's little brother.

By buying 3 pull ups with Qs... and getting the RR, then buying the Wags diapers, I was able to keep my OOP cost lower, with no extra RR to worry about spending later!

$1 a pack is hard to beat!!!


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