Yah Walgreens!! RE: Easter Bunny Photos!

>> March 28, 2010

Hey everyone.. Good news for Mommy's that don't want to pay for an Easter Bunny photo! Check with your local Walgreens!

My mom just grabbed a flyer from one of ours (Ina and LaCholla for locals), they are doing Easter Bunny Photos today, Next Friday and Next Sunday 10 am- 5pm! Get a free 4X8 Photo Card of the picture! Oh course don't forget to bring your own camera to snap several shots... that is how we got our beauty above last year among a few others!

I did call our 2 local walmarts, and it doesn't appear they will be doing Easter Bunny Pics this year.. one was clueless, the other one said NO. So disappointing, but Walgreens is picking up the slack!

Check with your local stores to see if they will be doing Easter Bunny photos as well!!

Of course for those that want to still pay at the mall.. here are details I posted last week.


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