13th Annual Burn Buster Blast @ Foothills Mall 5/1 10 am- 2pm!

>> April 30, 2010

13th Annual Burn Buster Blast: 5/1/10 10am-2pm

Quinn had a blast a few weeks ago at the Fire Station Open House... (until a meltdown about sharing required daddy to pick him up and take him home!) :-) Gotta love 2 year olds!

Anyway, tomorrow is a huge Northwest Fire event at the Foothills Mall (east parking lot).

They will have a free jumping castle, miniature train ride, face painting and clowns.

Plus lots of vintage and modern fire engines/rescue equipment, including a helicopter! I know Quinn would love to see the helicopter!!

Plus the Pima County Sheriff's Department will fingerprint children for free.

Admission is free!

Hopefully we will make it over there for a bit (we live SOOOOO close, it would be shame if we didn't). I would really like to get Quinn fingerprinted and of course he would love to see any of the equipment or maybe ride the train!!


Frugal Ramblings 4/29

>> April 29, 2010

  1. I am soooo excited to get the children's claritin sample in the mail.. just in time. (It's a BUZZ campaign). Quinn's ped just put him on allergy meds (it was really bad for a few weeks), and we just ran out of his zyrtec sample bottles. I have been checking around for a good deal and haven't found one yet (might just buy some from costco), so this sample helps us out for the next 10 days! Plus I think he does better with the chewable vs. the zyrtec liquid. We had a few "incidents" with the liquid.... dropping it, letting it dribble out our mouth, etc. Fun toddler stuff.

  2. I also received my $5 from magazines.com, it came super quick!! That is going towards our disney trip!

  3. I hadn't done the nabisco/kraft $20 rebate from a coupon booklet out last year, in fact I hadn't really planned on doing it. However, I have seen a few people mention it again online and I realized that I was actually close to completing it with past receipts without even trying. So I dug through my old grocery receipts and confirmed I am done with mac and cheese cups and almost done with the cookies/crackers portion. I can finish it off this week with the free ones at CVS and then I only need to get some capri suns, which would totally be worth it for a $20 rebate!!

  4. I bought 2 southern Arizona passport via groupon today. Its a booklet full of BOGO admissions to all the big southern Arizona tourist attractions. The books are normally $15/16 each via the web or at local malls/tourist spots. However groupon had them for $8 today! I plan on using them for the Reid park zoo, Children's museum, Tohono Chul and Desert Museum for sure. The children's museum is $8 per adult alone, so just using that coupon pays for the cost of the savings passport!

  5. My mom ran a few errands today in between her appointments and found the Mac n cheese tearpad Qs (see here for the deal) and also snagged some Bayer Contour/Breeze meters for the $10 RR! The Bayer coupons expire tomorrow and I need to get them all used by then!! She hasn't found any mission tortilla Qs yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  6. I sent back our baby monitor from Graco for a replacement. We had it with Quinn, but started having problems with it pretty quick. I contacted them a week ago to inquire about the issue, thinking they had a solution that wasn't listed in the manual. They said I could send it back for a replacement since it was a defect issue! That cost me $10 to mail it UPS back.. but so worth it. My dad bought it for us with Quinn and cost $199! (It's a video one), and the connection with the charger never worked right. I am expecting the replacement one within 2 weeks.
  7. I finally did the mother's day cards through Shutterfly. I think it ends today though, so click here for details.

  8. They finally just recalled all the simplicity cribs with drop down sides. They have been recalling or sending kits to "fix" cribs for the past few years. Our crib model was never included, but I woke up this morning to the news that our crib is now included and we need to just return it to Target. So we get a new crib.. at the price of it being a pain in the butt. Peter has to take apart the old one, and put together a new one. Plus I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to snag one straight across with no additional money OOP.

  9. I of course have been working on the regular stuff: Mypoints, swagbucks, etc. I also started tutoring again this week....


My Grocery Goals 4/29

There are quite a few good deals this week. Here is what I hope to do..


1st I want to find some of the $1.50/2 Mission and $0.55/2 Mac & Cheese Tearpad Qs today. I am hoping that a different safeway will have these Qs.

The Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese deal (free with blinkies or overage with MQs) is supposed to still be good as well, so if there are blinkies, I might grab a few more!


3 Cokes + 2 Ritz for $11, and there are tear pad Qs for 2.00 off wyb coke + 1 nabsico.. so you could get 3 cokes + 2 ritz for $7 if you had some of those Qs... I don't think I grabbed any of these, but I am hoping I can find a few in store still. Who knows though.

Grapes are $0.87/lb, which is good, although I did grab 2 big bags on Tuesday before the last sales ended.

Fresh Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast is $1.77/lb which is good too. I might try and snag some extra and freeze them.

Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese are $1 each!

Mission Tortillas, flour or corn are $0.97 each, so if you can find the tear pad Q, then you are only paying $$0.22 each!


Mission tortillas and chips $0.99 each.. so $0.24 each after the tearpad Q! I am really hoping to find several of the Qs at least to stock up on tortillas for Quinn. I am guessing they will freeze well and he doesn't mind the mission brand! Any extra Qs, will be used to snag some cheap bags of tortilla chips!

Kraft Mac & Cheese explosion is $0.39 each (with ad Q), limit 6, but used with the tearpad Q and its a MM!!! Thanks to Eve and Kim for the heads up!

Marcal Paper Towels should still be $1 each and I am hoping the 4 pack double roll TP is still ~$2.20 as well. I plan on snagging some of that with the $2 MQs. I missed them on Tuesday because I didn't bother to cut out the $2 Qs, only the free ones.

Also has the Mission tortillas and chips on sale ($1 each), so $0.25 with the tearpad Q!

The only other thing I may be interested in is the buy Family Size Rotisserie Chicken ($7.99) and get a free 8 oz Food Club Cheese, Can of Rosarita Enchilada Sauce and pack of Mission Corn Tortillas (with ad Qs). Not a bad deal for a last minute dinner. Although I think Costco chickens are the best!

I also need to hit up Wags for a few more Meters, I came across a long forgotten stash of meter Qs a month ago and this last minute sale is perfect! Free Wags money!!! Hopefully I can use it towards our disney trip. Unfortunately the Qs expire tomorrow, so I really need to hit the stores up hard for the meters, lucky for me few people have the Qs left, so there shouldn't be too many other people buying meters at this point!


Groupon:Tucson Tourist Book (lots of b1g1 admissions) 50% off = $8!!!

I plan on buying 2 of today's Tucson Groupon!!! $8 for a Tucson Attractions Passport from Southern Arizona Attractions Alliance. These are the BOGO books good at almost all of our local attractions... what I am most interested in are the BOGO coupons for the Reid Park Zoo, Tohono Chul Park, Tucson Children's Museum and Desert Museum. The adult admission price is $8 for the Children's Museum alone ($6 for kids), so that covers the cost with one use! The book is good at about 50 different southern Arizona places! This is the same book that you can buy at hotels/malls. The only bummer is the current book is good through September 15. I know we will get to at least a few places sometime in the next 5 months though. If you have any plans to visit some Tucson area attractions or have visitors coming to town, this would be a good investment. Read more about it here!

Also if you sign up with Groupon they will email you their daily deal, you never know when something good for you will pop up!


So A Garage, A Preschool and a trip to Disneyland walk into a bar....

>> April 27, 2010

So I thought maybe I would throw out my current Money Goals out there...

  1. We are currently saving for a garage. I know we need close to 10k to start the project, but most likely 20k to complete it. Peter is supposed to be creating a plan and pricing stuff out, but I know the concrete alone will be quite expensive. We have grand plans, making it about 3 times the size of a regular garage... one part car garage, one part man cave and one part storage area. A garage for your car in the summer time is so essential in AZ. We have been living without a carport or garage at this house for several years... this will be our 4th summer doing it and it is hard with kids! Plus we need daddy to move his "crap" out to his own man cave and free up our 3rd bedroom for Elliot. Currently the nursery occupies half of the office (which is quite large), but it would be nice to have that set up properly. And of course what deal seeker doesn't always want more storage. We utilize all the space we can (which means we are crammed in here at the house), plus we have stuff stored at my mom's house, my dad's house and Peter's parent's house.... which makes finding stuff difficult when we need it. Budget wise.. we really have no extra "regular" funds to save each month. However, any extra money that we do come across (small bonuses Peter gets quarterly, etc) will be saved for this project.

  2. Finding a preschool for Quinn... and a way to pay for it. I know it will be several hundred a month for even part time preschool. I think sending Quinn to preschool in the mornings a few days a week will be very good for him. We don't do a ton of play dates and have had limited story time at the library. Not that 1/2 hour a week at the library once a week would really be a substitute anyway. He could really use some extra play/socialization time with kids his age. He has a blast with kids at the mall play areas! Not only do I need to find a good one... for his age and such, but also a way to pay for it.. since we have no room in the budget for it.

  3. Disneyland in December is our current vacation goal. We do not want to impact our budget or savings in anyway, so I am rebating hard core right now to pay for it. Any extra gift card deals or anything I can do deal wise I am trying! Plus we have our Disney Visa Card that will give us some Disney dollars. I think we need $1500 to go with gas, hotel, eating and tickets. I will spell out more details in a later post, but I think we are about 1/3 of the way there between cash, gift cards, visa rewards, etc.... If we don't save enough by December we will push the trip back until next April for a Mommy/Elliot b-day trip. I have high hopes for December though, I am sure Quinn will have a blast! And of course if I am an overachiever, than any excess $ will go towards another trip next year, or perhaps upgrading our tickets to annual passes, which essentially helps us take another trip next year!

Anyway, I have just been thinking about these things a lot lately... wanted to throw them up on the blog...


Finally hit up Safeway and Albies 4/27

5 Marcal Tissue $1 each - free MQ= free
2 Sara Lee Breads $1.99 each - $1/2 Tearpad = $1.49 each
3 gallons milk $1.67 each
1 Albies sour cream $1 - $0.50 monopoly Q= $0.50
2 Budding Chicken Breats $3.99 - $1 Peelie = $2.99 each
4 lbs strawberries $0.88 each
3 bags (6 each) bagels, bakery markdown $0.99 each
3.42 lbs bananas ($0.49/lb) $1.70
Total $22.92

Order #1
5 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis $0.49 each (wyb 5) - $0.50 MQs= $2.55 overage
2 lucerne yogurt boxes $1.99 each (except looks like they scanned one yogurt instead of a box for one...) so one was $0.45...
5 Dial Handsoap $1.00 - $0.35 MQ= free
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Sprayer $6.99 - $5 MQ= $1.99
1 Scrubbing Bubbles refill $3.50 - BO sprayer GO refill IP = free
-$1.50 Cat
Total $1.13 on a gift card
Earned $1 and $3 Cat for the scrubbing bubbles.. so a $2 MM... I think there was a 3rd cat printing before for this deal.. but I guess that is over now... Still a money maker.

Order #2
1 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese $0.49 - $0.50 MQ = $0.51 overage
4 Kraft Cheese 100 calorie packs $1.49 (wyb 5 mix or match) - $1 IPS= $0.49 each
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Sprayer $6.99 - $5 MQ= $1.99
1 Scrubbing Bubbles refill $3.50 - BO sprayer GO refill IP = free
4.03 lbs ($0.88 lb) grapes $3.55
- $4 Cats (from 1st order)
Total $3.63 on a gift card.
Earned another $1 and $3 Cat for the scrubbing bubbles again...


Bookmans Discounts 4 Teachers and Kids!

>> April 25, 2010

Bookmans has a new program for Teachers. Project Education gives teachers a 20% off discount on EVERYTHING in store (not just classroom material)! Check out the link here for more information and how to sign up!!! By the way they define educator as "teacher, librarian, principal, learning specialist, homeschooler, or substitute teacher," so quite a few people could qualify!

Also for kids 14 & under.. sign up for their Kids club and save 10% on anything in the store!!They also offer a Read 10 Books and receive 1 book free program. Click here for more information!


CVS - Easter 90% off??

I ran into CVS late last night to do the Olay $10 ECB wyb $24.99 deal.. and found they had already marked the Easter stuff 90% off.. in fact the lady told me they were trashing it today.. anyway, I had found a toy story easter basket earlier in the week and had planned on hitting the store again today (since clearance usually changes prices on Sundays)... but I am glad I asked about it last night!!

So if your store didn't already go 90% off last week.. check today!

This basket was $1.79, which is awesome, but I can't believe they would charge $17.99 for it.. and much less that ANYONE would pay that much for it.

It's a cheap basket, with a plastic woody hat, a small pack of army men, a foam (nerf style) rocket launcher and paddle ball (with a few eggs)... that's it. All really $1 store type toys.

Quinn is huge into toy story right now. Particularly Buzz and Zerg, but I know he will love the woody hat and army men (we don't have any of those yet).. so for $1.79 it was a bargain for me!

Anyway, no details to post on the olay deal, I am super tired this morning + it wasn't that exciting of a deal. I did buy (2) of the $18.99 items + free face cleanser (with MQs). Basically I fulfilled the $10 ECB deal and also spent $50 + to submit for the $20 Olay rebate. I spent $21 in ECBS + $12 on a gift card..... and received $10 ECB back.. so my order cost $23 net in CVS $$$, but I will get $20 CASH back. I was hoping for a true Money Maker deal, but I will take a swap of CVS funds for actual cash that I can use for our vacation fund.

I did try and get some overage with the nature's bounty vitamins, snagged 4 BOGO @ $4.99, but she would only let me use (2) $5 Qs... so they were only free. That would have brought my total down by anther $10.. but I guess I can't complain. I just would have used the Qs at Wags for the extra $5 RR deal last week if I had realized that would happen...

oh well.

Quinn will be happy with my find!


Looking for a Arizona Republic (phoenix) Paper Deal, Groupon or PYP!

>> April 24, 2010

Today's Phoenix Groupon is a great way to get the Phoenix Sunday paper for coupons!! The Arizona Republic gets much better coupons than the Tucson paper. Groupon is offering 26 weeks of the Sunday paper for $20!! The Sunday paper is $2 if you buy it at the store, so this is a 62% discount!

It states for new customers only, usually the better newspaper deals require you to not have had a subscription for the past 30 days or so, I have signed my husband up in the past since he was a new customer.

Check out the deal here!

Also FYI as far as GROUPON goes if you "subscribe" at the top of the page, (green button) they will email you the daily deals!

Just below the "subscribe" button is a link "Visit more cities". From that link you can check out the current deals for other cities. I like to check Tucson, Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles (because we usually hit Cali for trips). If you are planning a vacation sometime this year, it might be a good idea to watch that city on groupon... you never know when a good meal or entertainment deal will pop up in a city you plan on visiting!

PYP Newspaper Deal
Ok.. and since we are on the topic of Phoenix newspaper subscriptions.... If you want more than one Sunday paper, PYP has a link to subscribe here. This link allows you purchase the weekly paper + up to 5 extra sunday papers.

Here is the thread on PYP with people discussing the newspaper deal. Also towards the end of the thread, someone reported that changing your newspaper subscription to just Wed, Sat and Sun and save a bit of money if you don't want the paper everyday! Check out that specific post here!

I myself get 5 phoenix papers each week, which works for me well. It's not too much to keep up with, plus usually 5 copies of the phoenix paper plus any extra inserts from Tucson papers that come my way usually are enough for me to stock up on deals!

Oh and I just wanted to let any Tucson peeps know... if you do subscribe to the Phoenix paper, you don't get all the sales ads. You get the coupon inserts + usually a couple ads, like CVS and Big 5! That's it! Just a heads up! So I actually subscribe to the Tucson paper as well... because I like to browse the ads. For me the lack of ads is the only downfall in subscribing to the Phoenix paper!


Frys and CVS 4/23

>> April 23, 2010

I debated about doing the Olay deal at CVS this week in combination with the $20 when you spend $50 rebate. But... as you can see below I didn't... I just didn't see a way to make it profitable enough...

Here is what I did do...
4 smuckers jam (rain check for one free, since they only had 3 in store) $3 each - 2 FREE MQ (from smuckers) and $1/2 MQ= $5 for all 4
4 Nature's Bounty Vitamin D BOGO $4.99 - $5 MQs= $10 overage
1 Halle Berry travel size perfume $4.99
8 NYC NY Mini Nail Polish BOGO $1.99 - $1MQs and 1 B1G1 free= all free!!!
2 Thermacare $2.49 each - $1 IP= $1.49 each
1 CVS 20 pack tp $8.88 -$1CRT= $7.88
-$5/40 CRT
-$8 ECBs
Total $1.66 on a gift card... my subtotal was negative $0.96.

Earned $3 ECB (smuckers), $5 ECB (halle) & $4.98 (thermacare)
So a $3+ CVS MM, and I bought some much needed TP (we were getting low-ish), plus the yummy jam!

2 Milks $1.68 each
2 Cottage Cheese $1 each
2 Sour Cream $1 each
3 Strawberrys $0.88 each
-$2.00 OYNO Qs
Total $8 OOP


Earth Day Deal Results... 4/22/10

It almost seems wrong to be shopping on earth day... but too good of deals to pass up for me, so I guess I will get over it. Here is what we ended up with!

From the mall....
3 Disney Store Youth Baseball Caps for exchanging cans/bottles
2 Aeropsostle T-shirts free with seventeen.com web page (see SD here for information) (oh and there is a new $10 off $10 Q available here good today through Sunday!! Thanks PYP blog)!
2 Origins Cleansers for recycling our old cleansers

Plus Quinn.. had lots of fun. He rode up and down the elevator and escalators. Visited the Disney Store and Build a Bear. And of course spent at about 45 minutes playing in the children's play area!

As we left, we checked out the New Farmer's market at the Tucson Mall. It is quite small, but I guess to be expected since it is so new. I did see a couple booths with veggies for sale and a few other misc booths. One of those misc booths was for Sephora; they had us fill out our information for drawing of goodies. Plus I signed up for their rewards card and they mentioned that I could still get my birthday freebie next week by stopping in the store (even though I just signed up)!

We stopped into Target as well. Searching for deals. I only snagged some free CFL light bulbs with $2 Target Q and $1 MQ (on sale for $2.69 each) and some double sided tape for hanging a quilt in Elliot's room.

We also checked Twice as Nice, but didn't find anything.. I did take some maternity clothes in and received some credit though! So it wasn't a wasted trip!


New $5 Gift Card/Check from Magazines.com!!

Check your emails!!! If you get magazines.com emails, check to see if you received one today the subject is "$5 Gift Card Enclosed for Mother's Day Deals"

If you have one.. there is a unique $5 gift card code enclosed to use towards a magazine.com order OR you can request a $5 check by filling out the form here.

I am so loving the free money!!

If you haven't received this, try registering on their website for emails... maybe you can get one next time!


Tucson Groupon 4/23: Rocks & Ropes!

Rocks & Ropes is a fun place!! I did this a couple years ago!

$16 for a One-Day Climbing Pass and Gear Rental at Rocks and Ropes of Tucson ($30 Value). These are the kind of Groupon deals I am hoping to snag. This one is also good for a whole year!!

Anyway.. check it out here. Also if you sign up, you can get emails that update you on the groupon deals each day. I only blog about the ones I find interesting, which may differ from YOUR ideas!


My Earth Day Deals Plan!

>> April 21, 2010

I just wanted to say thanks to all the well wishes and comments on my posts the past few days.. I do plan on going back and responding to them in the next day or 2, but we are still taking things slower around here.

I plan on heading out for a few errands tomorrow to take advantage of some Earth Day Deals!

  1. The Disney Store is giving out free baseball caps when you bring in 6 empty plastic water bottles or soda cans! We did this promo last year for a free water bottle, super easy and fun. I am hoping to snag a couple caps (several of us are going together) for the boys.

  2. Origins is giving away a Checks and Balances™ Frothy face wash Or a Perfect World™ Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea (up to $20 value) when you trade in your existing skincare. It should be available in retail stores and also department store counters. I am pretty sure both Macy's and Dillards have origins counters in their stores here!

  3. Twice as Nice sent a nice Buy One Get One Free coupon via email. Good up to $20! And only valid Earth Day, Thursday April 22. Please present coupon for savings. Free item must be of equal or lesser value. Forward the email/coupon to yourself HERE!

Are there any other freebies/deals I should be doing tomorrow?? We might stop by another Target to see what deals they may have as well.


Target 4/21 $0.48 Mickey Mouse Beach Towels!

Yeah!!! Quinn and I hit up Target today for a quick trip out... Great Grandma was visiting with Elliot. I was looking for deals with my Qs and I found the Mickey Mouse Beach Towels marked down to $2.48 each! I had read about them in a few places and had found some at 1/2 price ($4.99)... but I held out. I am so glad I never used my target towel Qs on the $ spot towels!

(5) Mickey Mouse Beach Towels 75% off!! $2.48- $2 Towel Target Q (from their website) = $0.48 each!

I used a Target Gift Card to pay...

3 for us.. and I will give my mom 2 since she always saves and prints her Qs for me! :-) Plus she found be some additional batteries at $1.48 each!!

Of course I then spoiled Quinn and bought him a "Cars" car.. some were on a temporary price cut at $3.54, but of course the one we managed to pick out were the $4.99 ones.. UGH.. oh well. He is doing well, dealing with a new baby brother and some killer allergies (we just started kids Zyrtec), so I was feeling like a new car would be nice for him.


Tuesday Shopping: Frys and CVS

I ran out to frys last night to correct an order my husband did the night before... I had him pick up a few groceries including the $1.88 12 packs of Big K and also included 10 of the digital items for the free movie ticket code... (no picture from Sunday night)

He bought
4 skippy PB $1.79 - $0.50 MQ= $0.79 each (plus received (2) $1.00 OYNO Qs, net cost $0.29 each)
1 Snuggle= $2.99- $3 MQ= $0.01 overage
4 Whiskas Cat Treats $1.49 - $1 MQ= $0.49 each
(he actually grabbed a 5th one to make it 10 items, but the last one was an all natural one that didn't count)..
1 Whiskas all natural $2.19- $1 mQ= $1.19

So I had to go back.. and was just going to exchange the one cat treat for another.. and get the difference back in cost + the free movie ticket, but customer service didn't have a coupon printer to "fix" it. So they just refunded me back the one whiskas ($2.19) and then sent me to a manager who just scanned a bar code and gave me a movie ticket CAT. So I ended up only buying 9 items on this order for the movie ticket, plus we received an extra $1 off since you receive the full value of the product back on a return ($2.19). So this movie ticket only cost us.... $2.11 when you factor in the (2) $1.00 OYNO Cats and the overage from the coupon used on the returned cat treats! Plus that included 4 PBs! The snuggle and cat treats I already gave to my mom.

So after getting this fixed... I did a quick run of my own...
6 Big K 12 packs Sodas $1.88 each (not pictured)
4 Snuggles $2.99 - $3 MQ = $0.01 overage
1 Whiskas $1.49- $1 MQ= $0.49
4 Skippy PB $1.79 - $0.60 MQ= $0.79 each (received (2) $1 Cats for buying 5)= $0.29 each
1 Heinz Ketchup (big one 40 oz and we were COMPLETELY out... crazy) $1.99
3 lawrys marinade $1.00 - $0.50 MQ= free
3 McGormick Marindads $1.00 - $0.50 MQ= free
- (2) $1.00 OYNO Q (from my husband's sunday order)
Total $15.97! Received another movie ticket code+ the (2) $1 Cats for the skippy

So again not a bad total.. this movie ticket was only $3.63, which included the MUCH needed ketchup and cheap PB. I will be giving my mom the snuggle and cat treats again. We think the Big K soda is decent tasting and you can't beat the price... we have been paying $2.50 a 12 pack for coke or pepsi when we catch it on sale, so $1.88 is pretty nice.

Then I stopped by CVS, mostly to scan my card for CRTS and check out stock levels since i was in the area. I am debating whether to attempt the Olay deal and combine it with the $20 back for $50 Olay rebate (for more vacation $)... not sure if I will do it or not. I did receive the $5/40 CRT that everyone seems to be getting this week!

I did find 1 pair of little baby crocs (completely unnecessary when they are this small, but super cute!!) and travel wipes @ 90% in the clearance section! I thought I had a $1 skin care CRT which would have made the wipes a fabulous deal.. but I guess it had expired and I had already tossed it... anyway
6 playskool travel wipes $0.19 each
1 little baby crocs $0.79
Total $2.09 on a gift card


Groupon Offers, Free $20 ExxonMobil Gas Card, Target Duracell Battery Find!

>> April 20, 2010

Today's Tucson Groupon Offer is $6 Ticket to Butterfly Magic and All Gardens at Tucson Botanical Gardens (Up to $12 Value), this exhibit is only available through 4/30/10, so its a short term offer. However, if you planned to visit in the next week, this is a great deal!

Also I noticed the Salt Lake City Groupon offer today is pretty neat. $59 for One-Month Tuition at School of Rock (Up to $275 Value). It expires 8/21 and is only good for new students, but it sounds fun!

By the way when you sign up they will send you their daily offers (via email), so I receive Tucson and Phoenix to stay on top of the deals! Plus I usually check out San Diego as well since we are often vacationing there!

I also received my ExxonMobil Speedpass in the mail a few days ago. I activated it last night. There is an offer for a free $20 ExxonMobil Gas Card within 90 days of activation when signing up through this link (promo code UPM10). Now I haven't actually received my gift card yet, so I can't verify it for sure yet, but it expires May 5th.. so I most likely won't see the gift card before the deal expires. I plan on signing up my husband as well, really hoping it turns into $40 in gas cards for our Disneyland Trip!! This is not a credit card sign up, but rather you sign up an existing credit card to attach to one of their Mobil Speedpass key chain things. Thanks Swaggrabber!

Also be on the look out for cheap batteries at Target! 16 ct AA and AAA Duracell battery packs are on clearance for $2.48 and there are $1 Target or MQ peelies available on many packs in the store. If you are lucky you can use one TQ and one MQ on each pack and only pay $0.48 each! This appears to be a nationwide markdown, its just a matter of finding some in your store. Double check the battery centers in various departments throughout the store and look for the packs back behind the newer 16+4 bonus packs or 24 count packs. So if you find any that are solely 16 count packages, scan them!!! My mom and I managed to snag a few @$1.48 each, I just wish C's or D's were included as well. Thanks SD


Frugal Ramblings: 1 week old baby edition :-)

>> April 19, 2010

So.. I have been doing some deal stuff since last week, its just been slow going for me. However I had a fantastic mail today! See above I received my $25 Kia test drive gift card, $50 safeway gift card (redeemed though chase rewards card), and a $9.60 check from BING! That is almost $85 towards our disney trip! I will be doing a post about our budget and current $ status on it soon. I also received some cvs coupons and a $5 off 15 bed bath and beyond coupon!
Here are some of the things I have been doing lately...

  • New code for the Recyclebank.com, use RECYCLEYOURMAGS for another 15 points. I went ahead and ordered another $4/20 CVS Q for 50 points, (only can redeem one per month), plus of course there are huggies and coke coupons on there that are pretty good. Thanks SD

  • Mypoints/magazines.com offer.. if you are already a Mypoints member, you might have received an email offering you a $5 gift card... which can be turned into a $5 check. The subject of my email was "$5 Gift Card & 250-Point Bonus from Magazines.com!" and I received it April 7. This deal is only good through 4/21, so act quick if you received it. Just go here and fill out the form to request a check (you must enter your gift card number from the email.. so its a targeted promo). Thanks SD

  • The latest Disney Rewards newsletter had a link for a free 5 points at the bottom of it. You have to click through and sign into your account.

  • I received another $5 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks, and have been searching on and off when I get a chance, I want to keep it up since I am saving my gift cards for christmas!

  • I am also working on my Mypoints account, I decided to redeem for a $25 walgreens gift card, since I can usually work a good RR deal into some gift cards. I am hoping to snag a few for our Disney trip, so I want to be prepared for any SUPER GREAT walgreens deals that may come up! I actually have exactly enough points to get it, but 120 of them are pending, so I need them to credit to my account before I can order my gift card.

  • I managed to do a couple quick errands on Saturday, including stopping at the library to take in my donations for the Food For Fines promotion. I had $9.75 in fees and they would waive $1 per item, up to $10.. so I just made it under the max! Plus I had lost my card, (I know I have it around here somewhere, but since I had late fees, I hadn't used it in FOREVER), anyway, the guy didn't charge me the $1.50 fee for a new card. So I really saved $11.25 on that trip! What a deal. Now we can go back to reserving books/dvds online and just running in a picking them up when they are ready!! Yah!!

  • I am starting to plan a mall trip for Earth Day. I posted about the free Disney ball cap for turning in bottles/cans here! Also Origins is giving away a free full size cleanser in exchange for your current one! I actually saw this a few days ago on another blog/site but I can't remember which one, but Swaggrabber just posted the details today. Check it out here. Hopefully another cool deal/freebie pops up before Thursday, so we can make the trip even more worthwhile!!

  • Here is a new pampers gifts to grow code: GTGSPRINGFREE10
Thanks for all the well wishes with little Elliot, we are all doing great. Tomorrow is daddy's last day off, it has been really nice having his help around here. Plus he has taking Quinn on special errands, and adventures to keep things special for him!


Tucson Groupon is Here!! Today's Deal: Monkey Burger!

Yah! Groupon is now offering Tucson deals!!

Today's offer is for $20 worth of food at Monkey Burger for only $8!! Check it out HERE!!!

Expires in 1 year
Limit 1 per person per visit, may buy multiple as gifts. Limit 1 per table of 2, may use 1 additional for every 2 people at table. Tax & gratuity not included.

It's on the east side, so I haven't been there but I have heard good things about the place! I am so excited we will start to see Tucson deals!!!


Looking for Tucson Area Photo Deal!!

>> April 18, 2010

Attention Tucson Peeps!! Does anyone know of a good/reasonable (ok cheap) photographer?? I have been doing some searching online for local photographers, but haven't had much luck. I would really love some newborn/brothers pictures. See the picture above... not exactly professional...

I have seen Phoenix photography blogs run giveaways/contests/specials before, but I really haven't seen anything like that in Tucson.

I wish we had a friend/family member that was super into photography as a hobby so that I could take advantage! :-)

Anyway, please help me find a deal!!! (Oh yeah we did JCPenney's studio with Quinn.. and I actually would prefer to avoid that sort of place)


#2 is here!

>> April 17, 2010

Quinn's little brother has finally arrived! This is little Elliot and today he is 5 days old.

We are slowing getting back to normal around here, I have been easing myself into some blogging and deals since Monday but it has been nice to just do very little! :-)


Northwest Fire Open House Today (11 am - 2pm)

The new fire station (#33) at 2821 W. Ina Road is hosting an open house today. You can check out a fire truck, squirt a hose and practice fire safety tips. Chat it up with the fire fighters and enjoy free hot dogs and chips! I just sent the 2 big boys over right now.. I am a bit sad I can't watch Quinn have tons of fun over there, but its a little early for his little brother to be out and about yet...


AZ blog giveaway!! Ends TODAY at noon!

>> April 16, 2010

Hey I almost missed this blog giveaway!

AZSavings is giving away a Green Giant "Seeds of Change" prize pack in honor of Earth Day! The giveaway ends today at noon, so GET OVER THERE and enter!!!

Please! :-)


Groupon Offer Phoenix: $50 Philosophy for $25!

Today's Groupon for PHOENIX! (again.. where are the Tucson deals??)
This one looks like a great gift idea or way to purchase a nice gift and save for xmas... it expires in 2 months, so you would need to buy the goodies and put them aside. However, a nice gift card for a birthday (before june) or mother's day would also work!

$25 for $50 Worth of philosophy Skin Care Products
•Valid at two locations (Mesa and Chandler stores)
•Complimentary facial peel

Expires 06/19/2010
Limit 1 per person. May purchase 5 additional as gifts. Limit 1 per visit. In-store purchases only. Not valid online or with retail partners. Must use in 1 visit. Not
valid with other offers.

the philosophy store at Casa Paloma
7131 West Ray Rd.
Chandler, Arizona 85226
(480) 961-4673

the philosophy store at Dana Park
1660 S Val Vista Dr.
Mesa, Arizona 85204
(480) 926-0775

Check it out here!

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