CVS - Easter 90% off??

>> April 25, 2010

I ran into CVS late last night to do the Olay $10 ECB wyb $24.99 deal.. and found they had already marked the Easter stuff 90% off.. in fact the lady told me they were trashing it today.. anyway, I had found a toy story easter basket earlier in the week and had planned on hitting the store again today (since clearance usually changes prices on Sundays)... but I am glad I asked about it last night!!

So if your store didn't already go 90% off last week.. check today!

This basket was $1.79, which is awesome, but I can't believe they would charge $17.99 for it.. and much less that ANYONE would pay that much for it.

It's a cheap basket, with a plastic woody hat, a small pack of army men, a foam (nerf style) rocket launcher and paddle ball (with a few eggs)... that's it. All really $1 store type toys.

Quinn is huge into toy story right now. Particularly Buzz and Zerg, but I know he will love the woody hat and army men (we don't have any of those yet).. so for $1.79 it was a bargain for me!

Anyway, no details to post on the olay deal, I am super tired this morning + it wasn't that exciting of a deal. I did buy (2) of the $18.99 items + free face cleanser (with MQs). Basically I fulfilled the $10 ECB deal and also spent $50 + to submit for the $20 Olay rebate. I spent $21 in ECBS + $12 on a gift card..... and received $10 ECB back.. so my order cost $23 net in CVS $$$, but I will get $20 CASH back. I was hoping for a true Money Maker deal, but I will take a swap of CVS funds for actual cash that I can use for our vacation fund.

I did try and get some overage with the nature's bounty vitamins, snagged 4 BOGO @ $4.99, but she would only let me use (2) $5 Qs... so they were only free. That would have brought my total down by anther $10.. but I guess I can't complain. I just would have used the Qs at Wags for the extra $5 RR deal last week if I had realized that would happen...

oh well.

Quinn will be happy with my find!


Eve April 25, 2010 at 11:00 AM  

OMG!! Thanks for the HU on the Easter Baskets. I will need to check this out sometime today what a great deal.

Gr8 Job on the Find :)

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