Earth Day Deal Results... 4/22/10

>> April 23, 2010

It almost seems wrong to be shopping on earth day... but too good of deals to pass up for me, so I guess I will get over it. Here is what we ended up with!

From the mall....
3 Disney Store Youth Baseball Caps for exchanging cans/bottles
2 Aeropsostle T-shirts free with web page (see SD here for information) (oh and there is a new $10 off $10 Q available here good today through Sunday!! Thanks PYP blog)!
2 Origins Cleansers for recycling our old cleansers

Plus Quinn.. had lots of fun. He rode up and down the elevator and escalators. Visited the Disney Store and Build a Bear. And of course spent at about 45 minutes playing in the children's play area!

As we left, we checked out the New Farmer's market at the Tucson Mall. It is quite small, but I guess to be expected since it is so new. I did see a couple booths with veggies for sale and a few other misc booths. One of those misc booths was for Sephora; they had us fill out our information for drawing of goodies. Plus I signed up for their rewards card and they mentioned that I could still get my birthday freebie next week by stopping in the store (even though I just signed up)!

We stopped into Target as well. Searching for deals. I only snagged some free CFL light bulbs with $2 Target Q and $1 MQ (on sale for $2.69 each) and some double sided tape for hanging a quilt in Elliot's room.

We also checked Twice as Nice, but didn't find anything.. I did take some maternity clothes in and received some credit though! So it wasn't a wasted trip!


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