Frugal Ramblings: 1 week old baby edition :-)

>> April 19, 2010

So.. I have been doing some deal stuff since last week, its just been slow going for me. However I had a fantastic mail today! See above I received my $25 Kia test drive gift card, $50 safeway gift card (redeemed though chase rewards card), and a $9.60 check from BING! That is almost $85 towards our disney trip! I will be doing a post about our budget and current $ status on it soon. I also received some cvs coupons and a $5 off 15 bed bath and beyond coupon!
Here are some of the things I have been doing lately...

  • New code for the, use RECYCLEYOURMAGS for another 15 points. I went ahead and ordered another $4/20 CVS Q for 50 points, (only can redeem one per month), plus of course there are huggies and coke coupons on there that are pretty good. Thanks SD

  • Mypoints/ offer.. if you are already a Mypoints member, you might have received an email offering you a $5 gift card... which can be turned into a $5 check. The subject of my email was "$5 Gift Card & 250-Point Bonus from!" and I received it April 7. This deal is only good through 4/21, so act quick if you received it. Just go here and fill out the form to request a check (you must enter your gift card number from the email.. so its a targeted promo). Thanks SD

  • The latest Disney Rewards newsletter had a link for a free 5 points at the bottom of it. You have to click through and sign into your account.

  • I received another $5 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks, and have been searching on and off when I get a chance, I want to keep it up since I am saving my gift cards for christmas!

  • I am also working on my Mypoints account, I decided to redeem for a $25 walgreens gift card, since I can usually work a good RR deal into some gift cards. I am hoping to snag a few for our Disney trip, so I want to be prepared for any SUPER GREAT walgreens deals that may come up! I actually have exactly enough points to get it, but 120 of them are pending, so I need them to credit to my account before I can order my gift card.

  • I managed to do a couple quick errands on Saturday, including stopping at the library to take in my donations for the Food For Fines promotion. I had $9.75 in fees and they would waive $1 per item, up to $10.. so I just made it under the max! Plus I had lost my card, (I know I have it around here somewhere, but since I had late fees, I hadn't used it in FOREVER), anyway, the guy didn't charge me the $1.50 fee for a new card. So I really saved $11.25 on that trip! What a deal. Now we can go back to reserving books/dvds online and just running in a picking them up when they are ready!! Yah!!

  • I am starting to plan a mall trip for Earth Day. I posted about the free Disney ball cap for turning in bottles/cans here! Also Origins is giving away a free full size cleanser in exchange for your current one! I actually saw this a few days ago on another blog/site but I can't remember which one, but Swaggrabber just posted the details today. Check it out here. Hopefully another cool deal/freebie pops up before Thursday, so we can make the trip even more worthwhile!!

  • Here is a new pampers gifts to grow code: GTGSPRINGFREE10
Thanks for all the well wishes with little Elliot, we are all doing great. Tomorrow is daddy's last day off, it has been really nice having his help around here. Plus he has taking Quinn on special errands, and adventures to keep things special for him!


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