Frugal Ramblings: Easter Edition

>> April 04, 2010

Happy Easter everyone! We had a fun filled day!

An Easter egg hunt and early morning, donut breakfast at one Papa's house.

A trip to the petting zoo at the mall (we just saw it again last minute like last year... today was the last day). With a quick stop inside to play in the kids area!!

Easter dinner (yummy turkey) at another Papa and Grandma's house

And of course an Easter basket (see previous post) and egg hunt at home!

We have one spoiled child... 1st kid, 1st grand kid for every family.. of course until #2 decides to come out and join us! We accomplished very little at home... and didn't do any errands, but we are pooped.. it was a long, crazy day!

  • Check out this bag of goodies (boxtops and BTFE) my gramme (with the help of my aunt lu) sent up to me this weekend! Yah! Thanks guys!

  • I managed one more frys run late last night, very similar to my previous runs, but basically it was this..

4 Fruit Pebbles $1.27 each - $1/2 MQs, 3 Promise Spreads $0.99- $1 MQs, 6 Grands Biscuits $0.99 each - $0.30/2 MQs, 1 $45 Disney gift card pack and 6 Reese's egs $0.50 each - $.50/2 MQs... Less my $5, $4, $3, $2 OYNO Qs and my total was $36.99 because I didn't have a Grands eQ or a Bag credit but essential my order was the same as #2 from here!

Plus of course I received another $5, $4, $3, and $2 OYNO Qs!! I actually would have bough cocoa pebbles if I had realized the fruity ones were only give $3 OYNO Qs back as well... not sure why I received a $4 one of my 1st order yesterday, I thought the variety of pebbles made a difference, but who knows. Anyway, also loading up on reese's eggs, so the Qs don't go to waste! I actually let the $0.50/2 Snickers Qs expire this week.. didn't realize I had to use them by 3/31 and was hoping to get them free at albies to get more monopoly pieces, but of course when they were doubling Qs, they raised the price of them back up to $0.80 each. Anyway, lessons learned, should have just used them and paid more attention to the expiration dates!!

  • I made my Mega-Insert out of today's P&G insert, which makes it neater to store and easier to cut coupons out. Frugalsuz has a great post about it here!
  • I entered some my coke rewards points, used my free entries into their Disneyland instant win game (big loser), won some SwagBucks, and clicked through on Mypoints emails.
  • I also sorted out threw out expired coupons, sorted and filed a lot coupons that were stacked up and threw out expired inserts to make room in my file cabinet. PYP is a great resource to use when determining which inserts are expired!
I am sitting here watching a little TV, working on some paperwork/coupons and making plans for tomorrow!! I hope you had a great Easter!


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