Quinn's Easter Goodies!

>> April 04, 2010

The Finished Product!

The Best Deal!!

The Thomas Train Sets, were a fantastic find after Valentine's Day this year... I snagged them at the Target for 90% off!! So $0.99 for each 2-pack.

The Splurge!

The Thomas Train metal lunch box was $4.99 at Savers. The splurge really for me out of everything... since we could have just used one of the baskets, but it was in great shape and Quinn loves carrying things around in little boxes, cases.

Almost free!

I am picking out 6 different cars from the big set and hiding one in each of the "big" eggs. The car set was from the Super Walgreens Toy Sale in December! You could say the whole set was only $0.15!!! They were originally bought for potty training rewards, which we have put on hold.. but there will still be plenty in there for that purpose, besides I have a few other walgreens toys for that purpose as well!

A Little Sugar

I bought the Jelly beans at CVS a few weeks ago.. $0.77 for the bag and I am only putting ONE in each small egg. Quinn doesn't need that much sugar, besides just finding the eggs will be a big deal for him!

Maybe Unnecessary and Definitely Messy!

The Easter Grass was $1.99 originally at Target... of course I only pick up that stuff at 90% off, so $0.19 and I have several stashed away... although I have to admit when I opened up the package to make the "basket" it was quite messy... Not ideal for me!

Recycled Stuff

The Easter Baskets and Eggs are recycled from last year... the Baskets were Free after ECB @ CVS last year (didn't notice any Easter freebies at CVS this year!!) The small eggs were maybe $0.09 @ 90% off at Target in previous years (of course we will keep reusing and reusing them!). The big eggs were part of a sesame street elmo Easter egg hunt package from Target @ 75% off 2 years ago (cause we actually used them last year, so they definitely weren't bought after Easter last year).

Biggest Disappointment

The Aquadoodle coloring book was a Jan-75% off Target find for $2.48. Man, if I had paid $10 for this I would be mad. I guess Quinn might like it, and I like the idea of a "no mess" coloring book, but I am not sure how much use we will get out of this. Maybe it will be good for car rides??

CVS Extras
I couldn't find a blog post with these purchases, but I HAD to have bought them at 75% off. None of these are great enough for me to purchase at 50% off and I rarely snag holiday stuff at 90% off at CVS. So that would make the bubbles $0.62 and the wind up toy $0.74!
We will use the Paas coloring sticks for our eggs this year, I am not ready for dipping eggs in bowls of dye with a toddler! We colored eggs with crayons last year, so this is a step up!
Total Basket Cost: $11.00

Not a bad deal! Particularly when almost half was the splurge of metal Thomas lunch box!! And of course it would have been under $10 without the "mistake" of the aqua doodle! I also spent under $1.50 for the egg decorating, egg hunting supplies (not counting the actual eggs we will eat or the plastic eggs/baskets we are reusing from last year!)
How did your Easter goodies turn out?


ThriftyPuppy April 4, 2010 at 11:10 AM  

You know, you're right...there were several "FREE after ECB" deals at CVS last year and there are none this year. The deals seem to be getting fewer and far between, so I hope this isn't a lasting trend.

Anyway, awesome way to rock the deals! I thought this was a great post showing how you can put a bunch of great deals together over a period of time to come up with a great present\celebration, etc. Way to go!

kc April 4, 2010 at 2:11 PM  

Thanks Thrifty Puppy! :-)

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