So A Garage, A Preschool and a trip to Disneyland walk into a bar....

>> April 27, 2010

So I thought maybe I would throw out my current Money Goals out there...

  1. We are currently saving for a garage. I know we need close to 10k to start the project, but most likely 20k to complete it. Peter is supposed to be creating a plan and pricing stuff out, but I know the concrete alone will be quite expensive. We have grand plans, making it about 3 times the size of a regular garage... one part car garage, one part man cave and one part storage area. A garage for your car in the summer time is so essential in AZ. We have been living without a carport or garage at this house for several years... this will be our 4th summer doing it and it is hard with kids! Plus we need daddy to move his "crap" out to his own man cave and free up our 3rd bedroom for Elliot. Currently the nursery occupies half of the office (which is quite large), but it would be nice to have that set up properly. And of course what deal seeker doesn't always want more storage. We utilize all the space we can (which means we are crammed in here at the house), plus we have stuff stored at my mom's house, my dad's house and Peter's parent's house.... which makes finding stuff difficult when we need it. Budget wise.. we really have no extra "regular" funds to save each month. However, any extra money that we do come across (small bonuses Peter gets quarterly, etc) will be saved for this project.

  2. Finding a preschool for Quinn... and a way to pay for it. I know it will be several hundred a month for even part time preschool. I think sending Quinn to preschool in the mornings a few days a week will be very good for him. We don't do a ton of play dates and have had limited story time at the library. Not that 1/2 hour a week at the library once a week would really be a substitute anyway. He could really use some extra play/socialization time with kids his age. He has a blast with kids at the mall play areas! Not only do I need to find a good one... for his age and such, but also a way to pay for it.. since we have no room in the budget for it.

  3. Disneyland in December is our current vacation goal. We do not want to impact our budget or savings in anyway, so I am rebating hard core right now to pay for it. Any extra gift card deals or anything I can do deal wise I am trying! Plus we have our Disney Visa Card that will give us some Disney dollars. I think we need $1500 to go with gas, hotel, eating and tickets. I will spell out more details in a later post, but I think we are about 1/3 of the way there between cash, gift cards, visa rewards, etc.... If we don't save enough by December we will push the trip back until next April for a Mommy/Elliot b-day trip. I have high hopes for December though, I am sure Quinn will have a blast! And of course if I am an overachiever, than any excess $ will go towards another trip next year, or perhaps upgrading our tickets to annual passes, which essentially helps us take another trip next year!

Anyway, I have just been thinking about these things a lot lately... wanted to throw them up on the blog...


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