Target 4/21 $0.48 Mickey Mouse Beach Towels!

>> April 21, 2010

Yeah!!! Quinn and I hit up Target today for a quick trip out... Great Grandma was visiting with Elliot. I was looking for deals with my Qs and I found the Mickey Mouse Beach Towels marked down to $2.48 each! I had read about them in a few places and had found some at 1/2 price ($4.99)... but I held out. I am so glad I never used my target towel Qs on the $ spot towels!

(5) Mickey Mouse Beach Towels 75% off!! $2.48- $2 Towel Target Q (from their website) = $0.48 each!

I used a Target Gift Card to pay...

3 for us.. and I will give my mom 2 since she always saves and prints her Qs for me! :-) Plus she found be some additional batteries at $1.48 each!!

Of course I then spoiled Quinn and bought him a "Cars" car.. some were on a temporary price cut at $3.54, but of course the one we managed to pick out were the $4.99 ones.. UGH.. oh well. He is doing well, dealing with a new baby brother and some killer allergies (we just started kids Zyrtec), so I was feeling like a new car would be nice for him.


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